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Come to Izu City! PR video

Izu City live camera

Present ~ Izu Peninsula Geopark of volcano which came from the ~ south

Cycle maker Izu

Led by "person" of Izu City "meal" "culture" "agriculture" "emergency management"

Cooperation program of sports, sightseeing, nature

If come for Izu City; Izu Shika-don!

Delicious golf course special feature

Sightseeing in Izu City here character


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Access to Izu City

Event calendar

Tourism Exchange Section, Tourism Economics Department, Izu City Office

〒410-2413 24-1, Kodachino, Izu-shi
Tel: 0558-72-9911
FAX: 0558-72-9909

Izu City Tourism Association

〒410-2407 631-7, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi
Tel: 0558-99-9501
(Izu City tourist information center)

Izu City business and industry society

〒410-2416 838-1, Shuzenji, Izu-shi
Tel: 0558-72-8511
FAX: 0558-72-5482

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