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Come to Izu City! PR video

Led by "person" of Izu City "meal" "culture" "agriculture" "emergency management"

Izu City live camera

Present ~ Izu Peninsula Geopark of volcano which came from the ~ south

Cycle maker Izu

If come for Izu City; Izu Shika-don!

Delicious golf course special feature

Cooperation program of sports, sightseeing, nature


List of RSS news

April 24, 2017
[seaweed oshiba] "Let's make original card with seaweed!" News [May 5, 2017] of event
April 20, 2017
[GW rice-transplanting experience] We plant rice in la foret Shuzenji and do not experience [May 4, 2017 Thursday (holiday) .5 days Friday (holiday)] or
April 20, 2017
[cherry tree flowering information] Famous spot of main cherry tree in Izu City (April, 2017)
April 20, 2017
Photographic contest 2017 prize-winning work [each ten points of one point of Miyakichi Osaguchi Prize & grand prix] which colors the eighth Izu City (takes color)
April 20, 2017
Photographic contest result announcement to color the eighth Izu City (takes color)
April 17, 2017
[hiking model course] "Eyes eight orders pond hiking daily course to go by route bus of Amagi" introduction
April 13, 2017
News [Saturday, April 22, 2017] of "spring walk rally in nakaizu winery"
April 11, 2017
[Shizuoka citizen, Hiratsuka citizen-limited] GW to Izu City! Limited special treatment campaign [April 29, 2017 (soil, celebration) - Sunday, May 7]
April 6, 2017
[Kano River cycling course] We introduce recommended course video
April 6, 2017
How about original vegetarian cooking, popular "Shuzenji low dining table?"
March 30, 2017
[Shuzenji Niji-no-Sato] News of news [from April 1 to July 10] of Saturday, April 1, 2017 admission for free & "flower Festa"
March 30, 2017
100 Kannon (it blows) of fuku*in
February 16, 2017
[excellent waterfall of Izu City] "Asahi waterfall" of healing & power spot of little-known spot is present from volcano!
February 15, 2017
[Izu Peninsula Geopark] It recruits exclusive duty researchers (earth science or physical geography) in 2017

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