We raise information, stores to publish in "Izu City sightseeing information" (our page)

Publication charges are free! Coverage request is OK, too

By coverage, we can publish such a page, too

By coverage, we can publish such a page, too

We make page to introduce individual shops in Izu City to and, in our "Izu City sightseeing information," place based on information that everybody gave to.

Izu City sightseeing information is web page with the number of the access approximately 100,000-150,000 every month!

Information publication of city facility and information update do not cost at all.

We can publish information and photograph which had you fill out the following "shop information entry vote".

In addition, it is store where we have already placed information in, but "we want to update information", please feel free to contact if there are hope, "we want you to come to take product and photograph of dishes" "wants shop to come to coverage!" or event information that we want to disseminate.


 Please send by exclusive e-mail address or FAX whether application method has you submit to sightseeing business and industry section after filling out matter necessary for "shop information entry vote". 

[address] kanko-box@city.izu.shizuoka.jp (we can download entry vote by the following "shop information entry vote".)

[FAX number] 0558-72-9909


Address exclusive as for photography request, coverage request and the offer of event information

I would like notification in kanko-box@city.izu.shizuoka.jp or telephone 0558-72-9911 (to the Izu City sightseeing information person in charge).

 As we raise at any time, we look forward to information from everybody.

Shop information entry vote (Excel: 80KB)

We come out in this way

We come out in this way

We call to take product photograph of shop for hope

We call to take product photograph of shop for hope

[object] Store in Izu City
[publication rate] Free of charge
[publication condition] ①Being shop in Izu City
        ②Information against the public order and morals opening is impossible of publication
        ③Other questions, please identify telephone (72-9911) or "shop information entry vote".

Inquiry, reporting

Sightseeing in Izu City Office sightseeing business and industry section plan staff telephone 0558-72-9911 FAX0558-72-9909
Exclusive address kanko-box@city.izu.shizuoka.jp