Izu City sightseeing information site

Izu City sightseeing information site


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We began campaign for Singapore ◆A campaign for Singaporeans begins!

IIP Singapore campaign facebook page
IIP Singapore campaign facebook page

In Izu City inbound promotion project team (following IIP), we began campaign that utilized facebook which was the world's largest The Social Network service (following SNS) as part of attracting tourist promotion of tourist from Singapore.

We are sending 2-3 times, sightseeing information of Izu City in English now in week.

IIP Singapore campaign facebook page

Campaign for Singaporean country is detailed

[campaign period] From Wednesday, December 17, 2014 to Tuesday, January 20, 2015

[targeted for campaign] One or Singaporean nationality which is settled down in in Singapore

[campaign contents] In answer to quiz (which photograph of Mount Fuji taken by Mt. Dharma rest house is when cherry tree blooms in the city) about linked Izu City in facebook, we fill in questionnaire (what you want to do if you visit sex, occupation, contact information and Izu City on full name, the date of birth).

★Pair trip (we plan in the end of February on trip day) in Izu City is presented toward one person by lot from one that answered quiz correctly by Singapore!

You have elected person write article about trip in Izu City, and please deliver in SNS such as facebook.

[campaign prize] 

Pair trip (for one person) in Izu City from the first class Singapore 

Bamboo Shuzenji carving (five) by traditional carving craftsman of the second class Shuzenji

Paper-cutting picture postcard (ten) by paper-cutting writer of the third class Shuzenji

Inquiry about IIP Singapore campaign facebook page

The Izu City inbound promotion project team secretariat (Izu City Office tourism exchange inside of a section)

Tel: 0558-72-9911 [FAX] 0558-72-9909

A campaign for Singaporeans begins!

Izu City Inbound Promotion Project Team has started a dedicated facebook page in English for a campaign from December 17 2014 as one of inbound travel promotion projects.

We introduce you to tourism information a couple of times a week.


facebook page "Izu City, Beautiful Natural Resort"


Follow us to receive insider information for your trip to Izu City!

Izu City kicked off a campaign for Singaporeans!

Izu City has launched a quiz campaign for Singaporeans featuring the facebook page.


[Campaign Period] From December 17 2014 to 20 January 2015

[Eligibility for the Campaign] Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of Singapore

[Contents] Answer quizzes about Izu City and fill out an application form.

 ★ Some winners selected in a drawing will receive wonderful prizes.

Winners must submit a travel blog about Izu City Trip with pictures in English.


1st Prize Izu City Trip (1 Pair)

2nd Prize Shuzenji Sculpture (5 people)

3rd Prize Post Card of Paper Cutout (10 people)

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