[quietness of Okuno-in Temple autumn] Guidance (from reservation reception desk September 5) of Shuzenji - Okuno-in Temple walk society)

Waterfall (aunnotaki) of Shuzenji Okuno-in Temple inspiration and expiration

Waterfall (aunnotaki) of Shuzenji Okuno-in Temple inspiration and expiration

Nostalgic romance Shuzenji "Okuno-in Temple autumn quietness"

Shuzenji - Okuno-in Temple walk society


It is every year walk society to be able to enjoy "Okuno-in Temple lunch" which we made with local products over 88 places and Japanese alphabet stone for the last time in ground Okuno-in Temple while enjoying autumn village forest scenery with guide at the distance of approximately one village (approximately 4km) from Shuzenji to Okuno-in Temple of popularity.

Be wrapped up in autumn quietness, and Okuno-in Temple informed that the propagating Buddhism Great Teacher trained himself/herself once will give deep ease.

"Quietness of Okuno-in Temple autumn" handbill (PDF: 548KB)

The quiet details of Okuno-in Temple autumn

"Japanese alphabet stone" in Okuno-in Temple way "chi"

"Japanese alphabet stone" in Okuno-in Temple way "chi"

[the date] On Sunday, October 15, 2017, it is Sunday, October 29 on Sunday, October 22

※In the case of rainout, I will inform in the evening of the day before.

[meeting place] Shuzenji (Shuzenji, Izu-shi)

[time] It leaves Shuzenji at reception desk 10:00 by 9:50

※Guide guides to Okuno-in Temple. It becomes free dissolution after lunch.

※Way home, applicant, please arrange taxi respectively.

[entrance fee] 1,000 yen (valve insinuation) ※More than primary schoolchild (as for the preschool child, impossible)

[capacity] 40 every day (we close as soon as it becomes capacity on first-come-first-served basis)

[application method] We accept from Tuesday, September 5 and start.

Apply at the following within three days before participation preferred date

[application] Izu City Tourism Association Shuzenji Branch [telephone] 0558-72-2501


・In the case of cancellation, cancellation fee (500 yen) occurs on the day.

・That is with pets; cannot participate.

・Is more than capacity in; cannot accept (as for the company, impossible).

In "Okuno-in Temple teahouse which is open on the quiet date of Okuno-in Temple autumn," fresh vegetables and wild plants, taste of Momma including handmade pickle of local mothers line up a lot.

Please enjoy shopping of local products after walk.

Meeting place Shuzenji (Shuzenji, Izu-shi) map

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