Izu City sightseeing information site

Izu City sightseeing information site


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We play and experience (15)

Tour to enjoy nature of Izu by Teal One (Tyr one) mountain bike is open

Mountain bike guide

   New way of enjoying Shuzenji

  Mountain bike cycling

Teal (Tyr) is color of the sky and water and the mountains of Izu.


 Experience-based course that runs on way of flatness basic tone for approximately 1.5 hours

 3-hour long course that is uphill, and falls down refreshingly in earnest

Both will coordinate root  while asking about request of customer when on the day we met.


◆Experience-based course: From 5,500 yen/one

◆Long course: From 8,800 yen/one

※It becomes chartered even from one person. (to 1-5 people)


As for the details, please see formula HP.



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