Izu City sightseeing information site

Izu City sightseeing information site


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Roadside Station "goes over Amagi"

We go over Roadside Station Amagi

We go over Amagi
We go over Amagi

In spring, we can enjoy red and yellow bright colored leaves including cherry blossoms such as Yoshino cherry tree, edohigan set in site in colorful flower, autumn.

Showanomori Hall, stand "shop of bamboo shoot mother" "village of Amagi wasabi" restaurant "green forest guryunebaruto" are in site.

Other than sale of wasabi, crop experience and Wasabizuke processing experience of wasabi are possible with stand is "village of wasabi". Particularly popular one fully carried wasabi which grated on the spot on board; "wasabi ice-cream cone." It is exquisite taste that refreshing sharp taste and fragrance of wasabi enhance sweetness of vanilla software.

We sell side dish or rice ball using fresh wasabi and local ingredients in "shop of bamboo shoot mother".

In addition, there are visit facilities of forest Museum, Izu modern literature Museum, Amagi green garden.

※Restroom, large parking lot, public telephone is available for 24 hours.

The details of facility

The location  〒410-3206 892-6, Yugashima, Izu-shi, Shizuoka 
Phone number  0558-85-1110 (Showanomori Hall)
FAX number  0558-85-0668
Having parking lot or not  Free of charge
Business hours

 Showanomori Hall (from March to October) 8:30-16:30 (from November to February) 8:30-16:00

Forest 9:30-15:00 of restaurant green

Village 8:30-16:30 of Amagi wasabi ※We change by season

Shop 9:30-16:30 of bamboo shoot mother ※We change by season

Regular holiday  Third Wednesday (we can use parking lot restroom)
Access "Showanomori Hall" gets off by bus from Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 40 minutes for Kawazu
Is car by car than Tomei Expressway Numazu IC; than 60 minutes Tomei Expressway Numazu IC, Shintouna Nagaizumi Numazu IC to the Izu traversing way (the east Suruga Bay beltway) - Izuchuo Road (pay) - Shuzenji Road (pay) Amagi north road, Tsukigase IC left turn - Kawazu area of direct connection

There is quick-charger of electric car

Electric car battery charger is in parking lot
Electric car battery charger is in parking lot

There is battery charger of electric car in place that is the nearest to signal of Roadside Station doorway in ekitenjoetsu eno parking lot of way.




edohigan where we go, and parking lot is at the north end of Roadside Station Amagi
edohigan where we go, and parking lot is at the north end of Roadside Station Amagi

We go, and, as for by the one, two in total open branch at the north end of Amagi green garden located in the north end of parking lot and place where we caught national road in Roadside Station Amagi maximum edohigan in the Izu district.

At their best time is from the middle of April to the end every year.

Please refer to this map for the details of place

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