About request, inquiry of tourist brochure

About downloading of tourist brochure of Izu City

When want downloading of a lot of brochures; from this

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About request of tourist brochure

When you want sending of tourist brochure in Izu City, we can request by electronic application.

※In the case of request, please note that you may need the days until brochure arrives at hand by electronic application.

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About inquiry about sightseeing

Inquiry over telephone

[Izu City tourist information center] TEL0558-99-9501

[Izu City Tourism Association] http://www.izushi.info/

 [Shuzenji Branch] TEL0558-72-2501

 [Toi branch office] TEL0558-98-1212

 [Yugashima, Amagi Branch] TEL0558-85-1056

 [nakaizu branch office] TEL0558-83-2636


  • We accept all "inquiry" sent by everybody through "Shizuo or electronic application service".
  • As for the details about "Shizuo or electronic application service", please see "Shizuo or electronic application service" homepage.
  • Brochure which we sent may return in expectation place ignorance. Furthermore, by mistake of input phone number, we may not get through at all. On application, please confirm address, phone number that you input enough.

※When brochure does not arrive even if it passes more than ten days, please apply once again.