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Copyright Policy

・Individual information (sentence, photograph, illustration) publishing in Izu City sightseeing homepage becomes a target of copyright. In addition, we become a target of copyright as editing works, and the whole Izu City sightseeing homepage is protected together by Copyright Act, too.
・We cannot make reproduction, conversion without permission unless it was recognized in Copyright Act including "reproduction for private use" and "quotation".
・When you convert published photograph into "special product" "photo gallery", contact by all means.

Link policy

・About link, you may have you set freely. Please specify that it is link to Izu City sightseeing homepage on this occasion. In addition, Izu City sightseeing homepage is displayed in frame, and please refrain from setting such as a part of your page.
・Please note that we change each file such as document or image on this site and contents without notice or you may be canceled.

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Sightseeing in sightseeing business and industry section business and industry staff 24-1, Kodachino, Izu-shi telephone 0558-72-9911 FAX0558-72-9909 (central government office annex)