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About privacy policy

About privacy policy

In this site, we handle based on "Izu City ordinance of privacy protection" about collection, the use, management of personal information appropriately as follows and act for the making of homepage that you can use to in peace.

With personal information

We say information that can distinguish address, full name, phone number, authorized individual including E-mail address whom Izu City caught offer through this site.

We set a limit to the use of personal information

We will use within the offer (registration) collection purpose that we stated personal information that we had clearly beforehand from all of you. We do not do offer to person except the use in the conduct organization more than collection purposes of personal information concerned (※) and conduct organization concerned at all unless we set in ordinance of privacy protection. ※Conduct organization: The mayor, Board of Education, electoral management committee, supervisory auditor, fairness Committee, agriculture committee, fixed assets evaluation screening committee, assembly and government enterprise manager.

Management of personal information

About personal information that we collected, site webmaster manages severely and takes appropriate measures against prevention such as leak, unjust diversion, manipulation.

About information of each office

About information of each published office, we are changed without notice. Please refer to each office for detailed information. In addition, we raise sightseeing information, information such as local industry, local products, local store widely in Izu City sightseeing homepage. Publication and information update do not cost at all. Please send by exclusive e-mail address or FAX whether application method has "store information entry vote" submit to tourism exchange section after filling out the requirements. "Exclusive address [email protected]" (can download entry vote by the following "store information entry vote".) [object] Shop in Izu City [publication rate] Free of charge [publication condition] ①Being shop in Izu City         ②Information against kozokuryojo is impossible of publication         ③Please confirm other ... "shop information entry votes" [entry vote]; is address [email protected] for exclusive use of downloading [inquiry, application] tourism exchange section tourism exchange staff telephone 72-9911 FAX72-9909 in file "shop information entry vote" of ① attachment