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Izu City presents! Izu City PR picture (four videos)

We can have a glimpse of four charm of Izu City

Pictorialism charges introducing here are free, but use approval application is necessary. As person wanting use of picture has application method under this page, please apply.

We narrowed down various charm of Izu City to four genres and made four PR pictures.

We click lower picture title, and please see. (link: YouTube)


◆We expressed charm of Izu City which was cycle maker with wheel (Japanese yen) 

"Cycle city Izu City"


◆Shuzenji Onsen that is Izu oldest excellent hot water, Toi Onsen that developed with gold ore, Yugashima, Amagi hot spring loved by many great writers, soothing and relaxing Nakaizu Onsen in green 

"Hot spring of comfortable Izu City"

◆Izu City which has a lot of delicious things in all seasons 

"Izu City which is delicious Fresh Food"


◆Izu City which is attractive at night including grand fireworks coloring fantastic light rou of Shuzenji many lamps society, Auld Lang Syne to fly on the surface of the water, summer night 

"It is Izu City this evening."


As all pictures are full of charm of Izu City, look at four all by all means!

Thank you, Izu citizens who had you cooperate with shooting, all of each facility.

Please use for PR activity of Izu City.


The picture fee for use is free, but use approval application is necessary.

We made this picture to have everybody know image enhancement and tourist facility and special product of Izu City widely.


In pictorialism, we download the following "use of picture handling regulations PDF for Izu City sightseeing information dispatch" and have you read carefully and perform use approval application on understanding.

Use of picture handling regulations (PDF: 6KB) for Izu City sightseeing information dispatch

You download lower "use approval application" and fill in the requirements, and please submit to Izu City sightseeing business and industry section.

※When school in Izu City uses in education purpose, application in particular is not necessary when news media uses for the purpose of the news and public information.

Use approval application (Word: 20KB)

Inquiry, use approval application about picture

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