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[we support local restaurant in takeout] Takeout shop "# Izu City yell meal" which is done (5/14 update)

Let's support restaurant in the city in takeout!

[information for Izu citizens] Shop (5/14 update) to be able to make takeout in Izu City into

We introduce at any time as soon as information becomes available with random order according to districts.
As it may be for a limited time, at menu or takeout sale time, I would like inquiry before the use in each store.

Information site "rice cake frog" of done shop of ⇒ take-out that we introduce in this site

<< Shuzenji district >>

The Crank 550, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi 

[contents] Kiln firing pizza

Tel: 0558-79-3679

Details The Crank pizza takeout menu g (PDF: 515KB)

We do taste Kotobuki of samurai The 631-7, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi Shuzenji Station yard 

[contents] Play taste Kotobuki, station lunch

Tel: 0558-72-2416

Details Station lunch dance sushi take-out menu (PDF: 492KB)

 Oh, it is Magocha shop Shuzenji Onsen store 765-1, Shuzenji, Izu-shi 

[contents] Lunch, amago sushi (reservation required)


Reservation TEL0558-87-1147

Store TEL0558-85-2016

Details Oh, Magocha shop takeout menu (PDF: 2,441KB)

 ◆Cheap soldier of the Imperial Guard 868-1, Shuzenji, Izu-shi 

[contents] Unaju, bowl, deep-fried chicken others

Tel: 0558-72-0917, 0558-72-5045

Details Cheap soldier of the Imperial Guard take-out menu (PDF: 238KB)

◆Kiyoshi Naka restaurant 621-15, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi 

[contents] Bowl, curry, side, udon

Tel: 0558-72-0047

Details Kiyoshi Naka restaurant take-out menu g (PDF: 633KB)

 Is over; okuimameshishuzenji 302-3 

[contents] Seafood bowl, lunch, side dish (reservation recommends)

Tel: 0558-72-0119

Details Is over; oku take-out menu g (PDF: 1,245KB)

◆Sushi higashi 221-1, Uryuno, Izu-shi 

[contents] Sushi, hors d'oeuvre, lunch

Tel: 0558-72-4886

Details Sushi higashi takeout menu (PDF: 368KB)

 ◆Meal shop mizu 765, Shuzenji, Izu-shi 

[contents] Take-out tenju

Tel: 0558-72-0546

Details Meal shop mizu take-out menu (PDF: 217KB)

Restaurant yukawa 953-1, Shuzenji, Izu-shi 

[contents] Fried rice, dumpling, oyakodon, bowl of cooked rice with egg and vegetables

Tel: 0558-72-0822

Details Restaurant yukawa take-out menu g (PDF: 507KB)

Fanta distar pita Ohito store (1 of the Yoshida, Izunokuni-shi character 90 minutes 153rd)

[contents] Curry, lunch others

Tel: 090-9911-1233

Details Fantasista takeout menu (PDF: 546KB)

◆We have single dish mountain (631-1, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi)

[contents] Bar snacks menu, lunch others

Tel: 0558-72-0206

Details Single dish mountain cause takeout menu g (PDF: 732KB)

The cooking four seasons 605-2, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi  

[contents] Eel, lunch, one coin lunch (reservation recommends)

Tel: 0558-72-3135

Details Cooking four seasons take-out menu (PDF: 302KB)

 Soba restaurant regular customer 626-1, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi, Shizuoka 

[contents] Katsudon, tempura bowl

Tel: 0558-72-2735

Details Regular customer takeout menu g (PDF: 404KB)

Shuzenji no Western food restaurant Shuzenji, Izu-shi 697-1 

[contents] Western dishes takeout, lunch (we can make a reservation)

Tel: 0558-72-8971

Details Shuzenji no Western food restaurant takeout menu (PDF: 326KB)

Roasted meat Pusan 300-2, Kumasaka, Izu-shi, Shizuoka

[contents] Including today's lunch, namul, kimchi (reservation required)

Tel: 0558-72-6080

Details Roasted meat Pusan take-out menu (PDF: 268KB)

 Skewer limited express Shuzenji station square store 625-6, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi ※It is during lunch menu development now

[contents] Bar menu (reservation recommends)

Tel: 0558-74-5010

Details Skewer limited express Shuzenji station square store take-out menu (PDF: 312KB)

Person of one angle of Yokohama family Shuzenji store 502, Kumasaka, Izu-shi 

[contents] Ramen, dumpling (reservation recommends)

Tel: 0558-79-3688

Details Yokohama family one angle head of a household return menu (PDF: 545KB)

Chicken dishes balancing toy 1329, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi 

[contents] Yakitori lunch, chicken dishes (reservation recommends)

Tel: 0558-72-3091

Details Chicken dishes balancing toy take-out menu g (PDF: 609KB)

Genji pot meal pine tea seller 4281-41, Shuzenji, Izu-shi Shuzenji nature park

[contents] Lunch others (reservation recommends)

Tel: 0558-72-0576

Details Pine tea seller take-out menu g (PDF: 629KB)

 ◆Shuzenji pudding studio 955-1, Shuzenji, Izu-shi 1F

[contents] Lunch (reservation recommends) of Italian chef

Tel: 0558-72-2260

Details Shuzenji pudding studio lunch menu (PDF: 279KB)

 Old folk house cafe amane 3461-10, Shuzenji, Izu-shi

[contents] It is rice ball, drink (need reservations)

Tel: 0558-99-9673

Details Old folk house cafe amane takeout menu (PDF: 364KB)

 ◆minna no cafe marche 636-13, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi  

[contents] Drink

Tel: 0558-72-0901

Details minnano cafe marche (PDF: 262KB)

From Here 921, Shuzenji, Izu-shi   

[contents] Hamburger, hot dog, drink and others

Tel: 080-3632-5994

Details From Here takeout menu (PDF: 160KB)


<< nakaizu district >>

928-6, Hatsuma, Izu-shi that is Spanish food rubi ... 

[contents] Paella, coca (pizza)

Tel: 0558-83-3363

Details Takeout menu g (PDF: 512KB) which is Spanish home-cooked meal rubi ...

 ◆K'S Kitchen (Kay kitchen) 187-1, Hatsuma, Izu-shi 

[contents] Italian food takeout (reservation recommends)

Tel: 090-9266-4231

Details Kay kitchen takeout menu n (PDF: 516KB)

317, Sekino, Izu-shi NEW having good unatoro river (kawazen)

[contents] Various lunches (reservation required)

Tel: 0558-83-0609

Details River good takeout menu (PDF: 4,327KB)

 ◆Shop 614-1, Kamishiraiwa, Izu-shi of Osamu 

[contents] Bar menu, roasted meat, hors d'oeuvre (reservation recommends)

Tel: 0558-83-1717

Details Shop take-out menu (PDF: 298KB) of Osamu

3B three beans coffee 318-1, Sekino, Izu-shi

[contents] Pizza drink (reservation recommends)

Tel: 0558-99-9253

Details 3B coffee takeout menu g (PDF: 401KB)

ryutakararyu Nagata 307-6, Shimoshiraiwa, Izu-shi 

[contents] Lunch (reservation recommends)

Tel: 0558-83-1815

Details ryutakararyu Nagata lunch menu (PDF: 424KB)


<< Yugashima, Amagi district >>

Jet terrace & dog 134-1, Kadonohara, Izu-shi 

[contents] Brown sugar tapioca drink, pancake

Tel: 0558-85-2525

Details Jet terrace & dog takeout menu (PDF: 609KB)

◆Café amagi 2860-50, Yugashima, Izu-shi 

[contents] Omelette with rice, beef stew, drink others

Tel: 0558-85-0695

Details cafe amagi takeout menu g (PDF: 330KB)

◆Garden 150-4, Matsugase, Izu-shi of Café & Bar firefly 

[contents] Sandwich, drink set

Tel: 050-1451-8587

Details Garden takeout menu g (PDF: 1,314KB) of firefly

◆Tsukigase terrace kitchen (Roadside Station Tsukigase, Izu) 78-2, Tsukigase, Izu-shi 

[contents] Lunch, Amagi gamefowl bowl, wild boar cutlet curry

Tel: 0558-79-3977

Details Tsukigase terrace kitchen takeout menu g (PDF: 910KB)

jushitokodaizo (daimasu) 275-1, Yugashima, Izu-shi 

[contents] Sushi (reservation required)

Tel: 0558-85-0107

Details jushitokodaizo take-out menu N (PDF: 165KB)

 ◆Oh, it is Magocha shop Yugashima, Amagi store 540-1, Ichiyama, Izu-shi 

[contents] Lunch, amago sushi (reservation required)

Tel: 0558-85-2016

Details Oh, Magocha shop takeout menu (PDF: 2,441KB)

maru 188-1, Shimofunabara, Izu-shi, Shuzenji 

[contents] Kiln firing pizza, side dish (reservation recommends)

Tel: 0558-87-1980

Details maru Shuzenji take-out menu g (PDF: 497KB)

Plum cafe (inner Tsukigase aimlessly) 408-1, Tsukigase, Izu-shi 

[contents] Today's lunch lunch

Tel: 0558-85-1919

Details Plum cafe (aimlessly Tsukigase) lunch menu (PDF: 244KB)


<< Toi district >>

◆hachihyaku*imameshidohi 435-2 

[contents] Drink (coffee, tapioca tea with milk others)

Tel: 090-1980 - 6936

Details hachihyaku* drink takeout menu g (PDF: 761KB)

Restaurant Aoi (Toi Gold Mine)2726, Toi, Izu-shi 

[contents] Bowl, curry, lunch

Tel: 0558-98-0800

Details Restaurant Aoi (Toi Gold Mine) takeout menu g (PDF: 485KB)

◆Eel 854-12, Toi, Izu-shi, Mitsumatsu 

[contents] Eel lunch

Tel: 0558-98-1570

Details Sanmatsu take-out eel lunch menu (PDF: 232KB)

La posada 46, Toi, Izu-shi 

[contents] Mexican pizza (reservation recommends)

Tel: 0558-98-2227

Details La posada take-out pizza menu (PDF: 499KB)

Restaurant 690-8, Toi, Izu-shi, Sakura 

[contents] Cutlet ju, tenju, curry

Tel: 0558-98-0813

Details Restaurant cherry tree takeout menu (PDF: 170KB)


Please tell shop to be able to make takeout into

We are collecting store information to be able to make takeout into in Izu City now.

Person knowing shop to be able to make takeout into in Izu City, please put information at the following. Even the name of shop is OK.


E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: 0558-72-7007

Reception hours: From Monday to Friday 8:30-17:15 except holiday

(Izu City industrial development meeting charge: Sakurai)

FAX: 0558-72-7003 

#What is hashtag campaign "# Shizuoka yell meal?"

New coronavirus measures SNS project "# Shizuoka yell meal" which local medium "womo" (umo) performs takes photograph if we do takeout in restaurant of Shizuoka and is "# Shizuoka yell meal" and plan to touch, and to post on SNS, and to support.

Cases which we go out by new coronavirus infectious disease and cannot but restrain ourselves from increase and have a big influence on economic activities of restaurant. From March to April should be originally busy seasons when farewell party, reception is held in many restaurants. However, cancellation occurs successively by banquet, meeting, held self-restraint request of event, and local restaurant gives a scream in reality of sales decrease.

We receive such situation, and womo which is local medium "will do what it can do now!" We establish special page in such thought and support.

[inquiry] Shizuoka online

[the location] 〒 420-0853 3-11, Otemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Shizuoka Yaizu Shinkin Bank Outemachi building 2F

Tel: 054-275-3330 womo business section (charge: Motosugi)

[URL] https://www.womo.jp/shizuoka-yell-meshi

Eat; and support # Izu City yell meal

"# Izu City yell meal" is plan to support restaurant in the city placed in the severe situation under the influence of new coronavirus. Using takeout and delivery, we take photograph of the dish and post on Instagram!

If restaurant is active PR and now, takeout and delivery that cannot bark, PR is possible with confidence.

 Our site approves of this support plan, too! Using takeout delivery in Izu city and Shizuoka, let's support local restaurant!

[participation method]

①We use takeout and delivery in restaurant in Shizuoka in Izu City

②We take photograph of dishes which we took to go

③We put hashtag of "# Izu City yell meal" and "# Shizuoka yell meal" and post on Instagram

In addition, taking this occasion, we would like contribution of store and product information that started takeout service!

We will start with being able to do it to heap up area!

★Page where introduce national yell meal to "eat daily publication sports .com, and support! # Izu City yell meal is introduced by national yell meal collection of links.

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