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Izu City sightseeing information site


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It is in season now! The latest information of Izu City

We will tell about the latest Izu City event information and recommended information.

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We introduce sightseeing map downloading and photography spot, various contents including introduction of special product

single-day hot spring
Drop in in Izu City; hot spring
There are spa facility which drops in at the facility city that drops in in Izu City, and can take a bath, and can take a bath or inn, guest house, and there is. Please find large communal bath with an ocean view, your favorite hot spring including inn with plan that meal was bundled with bathing
We cook "Izu deer" if we come for Izu City
Please taste Izu deer if we come for Izu City, and, as for the brand venison "Izu deer" of Izu City, there is not smell and there is matured taste and is delicious at all! Meat, that of healthy & nourishment perfect score with a little iron content-rich fat content "Izu deer!"
The town of bicycle Izu City
"Bicycle and Izu" promotion meeting
It is group which works that "bicycle and Izu" promotion meeting "bicycle and Izu" promotion meeting join "Izu area and bicycle" together from viewpoint such as point of view and cycle tourism of competition sports
Sports camp
Cooperation program of sports, sightseeing, nature
We support sports camp and event in Izu charm project Izu City, holding of interleague ball by total! We arrange the "exercise facility" "accommodations" "bus" "lunch" suggestion & to request
Delicious golf course special feature
Restaurant of golf course which is available to not only golfer but also general customers though it is not known that delicious golf course special feature is unexpected. A lot of things which are delicious in golf course in Izu City!
Izu Peninsula Geopark
Present ~ Izu Peninsula Geopark of volcano which came from the ~ south
Present ~ Izu Peninsula Geopark Geopark of volcano which came from the ~ south is "place (park) showing blessing of the earth". As island that we did to the Philippine Sea plate from the south collided with the Japanese Islands, in Izu Peninsula, it was in very rare geological feature, topography
Traditional cultivation of water wasabi
Traditional cultivation of Shizuoka water wasabi
Traditional cultivation water wasabi cultivation of Shizuoka water wasabi begins in the mountains of Shizuoka-shi about 400 years ago and wasabi field called Tatamiishi expression is devised in Izu City and contributes to maintenance of not only yield and quality but also biological diversity afterwards
Izu City bicycle town development meeting
Wonderful vehicle that Izu City bicycle town development meeting bicycle had not only healthy promotion but also sightseeing and element of one of trip including gourmet. We want to push forward "town development" with such a bicycle. That is "Izu City bicycle town development meeting".

We check charm of Izu City! PR video

PR picture of Izu City Presents! Izu City

Hot spring Onsen and Izu City of comfortable Izu City

We narrowed down various charm of Izu City to four genres and made four PR pictures. All pictures are full of charm of Izu City. Check it out! Thank you, Izu citizens who had you cooperate with shooting, all of each facility. Please use for PR activity of Izu City.

  • Come to Izu City! PR video
  • Izu City Izu City JAPAN which is delicious Fresh Food
  • It is Izu City this evening. Night at Izu City

In bicycle and Izu now, we start running

For Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics tournament bicycle race (truck race/mountain bike) holding, tied as "town, Izu City of bicycle" after raising the time of this meeting and this meeting in the future and, in Izu City, raised catch phrase of town, Izu City of bicycle for the purpose of letting bicycle culture root in the Izu City.

Izu City bicycle town development meeting

Izu City bicycle town development meeting raises statue from three viewpoints of citizen, sightseeing, cycle sports in the future of town development of bicycle, and "the penetration of bicycle to citizen" mentioned above primarily aims at "maintenance of the acceptance system" pushing forward "reinforcement of disseminating information". Bicycle is wonderful vehicle which not only healthy promotion by cycling but also sightseeing, element of trip including gourmet had.
In official site, it is mamahohatsushin with state of approach and activity. You can enjoy visiting sightseeing spots only by superb view and bicycle of Izu City photographed in drone by cycling with concept movie visiting sightseeing spot and the accommodations.

Izu City bicycle town development meeting official site


We introduce beautiful scenery of Izu City.

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