Izu Peninsula one round cycling (under an alias: Izu ichi!) News [Saturday, October 14, 2017 15th Sunday] of recruitment of participants
In "cycle maker Izu," we hold "Izu Peninsula one round cycling" to perform cycling of Izu Peninsula in 2 days and 1 night on Sunday for .15 days on Saturday, October 14, 2017. It is total mileage 200km of 2 days, cycling event of hill climb long ride of acquisition 3,700m above sea level.

Recruitment of volunteer staff to run with participant, and to support
[Izu Peninsula one round cycling] Under recruitment of volunteer support riders
We hold Izu Peninsula one round cycling (under an alias: Izu ichi) this year.
Izu Peninsula one round cycling recruits volunteer support riders accompanying now. Person with experience of hill climb long ride lend power by all means!
It recruits participants of Izu Peninsula one round cycling at the same time.
Meeting place is beach place close to Odoi beach
[Odoi] Guidance [Saturday, July 22, 2017 23rd Sunday] of meeting & snorkeling classroom of play with a whore
In beach ground of Odoi beach, do you not do play with a whore? From small child to adult, it is meeting of play with a whore to be able to enjoy very much and guidance of snorkeling lesson held on the same day. (on Saturday, July 22, 2017 23rd Sunday)
[Izu City] Film location TV broadcast, magazine publication information (for March, 2015 ...)
We will tell about information such as television transmission of Shuzenji, Toi, Yugashima, Amagi, nakaizu which is often taken up with TV, magazine and Izu City which is renowned sightseeing spot in the whole country.
By coverage, we can publish such a page, too
We raise information, stores to publish in "Izu City sightseeing information" (our page)
We make page to introduce individual shops to and, in our "Izu City sightseeing information," place based on information that everybody gave to.
It is store where we have already placed information in, but "we want to update information", please contact if there are hope, "we want you to come to take product and photograph of dish" "wants shop to come to coverage!" or event information that we want to disseminate.
Thailand pro motion activity [2015] of IIP
[recruitment of members] Participation member (company, group, individual) recruitment of Izu City in bound promotion project teams (IIP)!
It recruits company, group, individuals with will pushing forward foreign tourist attracting tourist, acceptance of Izu City together.
Is it geo-ttenandarou? But, we understand!
[Izu Peninsula Geopark] We accept home delivery of cooked foods lecture!
We have you show around hot-spring resort free if you make a reservation
[meeting of Shuzenji oldness and guide] Introduction of free volunteer guide of Shuzenji hot-spring resort
Volunteer guide that Shuzenji oldness and guide are free. We show around Shuzenji hot-spring resort with the history free. We have you teach various things of Shuzenji hot-spring resort if you can make a reservation one week ago.
Do you not hold wedding ceremony in Toi, Koibito Misaki?
In observation deck of the tip of Toi, Koibito Misaki, we include wedding ceremony.
It is recruiting wedding planned couples at any time from now on!
[Toi, Koibito Misaki] Boardwalk & observation deck renews on February 14, 2015 and is opened!
On February 14, 2015, Koibito Misaki boardwalk & observation deck renews and is opened.

In Koibito Misaki, wedding is possible, too.

IIP Singapore campaign facebook page
We began campaign for Singapore ◆A campaign for Singaporeans begins!
"Fantastic white loquat" which is short when crop time is until from the end of May to the beginning of June
[application closed] "Fantastic white loquat" pruning borane tourism 
Izu Attractiveness (three forces) Project
Izu Attractiveness (three forces) Project
Facility uses such as camp, meeting holding to Izu charm (three power (miryoku)) project!
By Izu charm (three power) project, we help with camp or meeting holding.
Introductions of suggestion, interleague ball (opponent) of exercise facility reservation, accommodations mediation, valve these skilled in the art mediation, souvenir supplier mediation, experience-based program.
Izu charm (three power) project can perform camps one telephone if we can have without putting effort.
〒The 410-3213 89, Aobane, Izu-shi Kano Dome

We raise