Collection of material

Sakura Doi (photograph material) of ten thousand fortune temples
Sakura Doi is one of the cherry trees of the first early blooming in Japan where it is earlier than Izu, Sakura Kawazu and begins to bloom from the beginning of January in average year which is famous for early blooming.

Originally it increased cherry trees of early blooming in heap of Toi by grafted tree, and, as for the kind name, it is said with "Izu Toi" (we untie without being), and there are two kinds of rather deep pinkness and color of thinness.

We flower in the middle of January during flowering period and become in full blossom from late January through early February (mixed up by weather).
The Shuzenji main hall of a Buddhist temple
Shuzenji, Shuzenji hot-spring resort [in the summer] (photograph material)
Colored leaves, light up (photograph material) of Shuzenji Niji-no-Sato
Former Amagi Tunnel
Former Amagi Tunnel (photograph material)
Shuzenji plum-grove①
Shuzenji plum-grove (photograph material)
Tanada [photograph material] of desert land (ara) of Yugashima, Amagi (Nagano District)
Shuzenji (photograph material)
Narrow path (in spring) of bamboo forest
Narrow path (photograph material) of bamboo forest
Hot water (Shuzenji Chrysanthemum flower Festival time) of Tokko
Hot water (photograph material) of Tokko

Collection of Izu City photograph materials