We have a meal at inn, hotel

Nakaizu winery chateau T.S
Nakaizu winery Hills
Winery resort that can enjoy superb view of Mount Fuji among vineyards.
Other than accommodation, hot spring, outdoor sport facility, marriage ceremonial hall, restaurant and facility are fulfilling, too.
There is experience-based adventure "project adventure, too". (reservation required)
 There is free shuttle bus from Shuzenji Station (from station approximately 15 minutes)
 〒410-2501 1434, Shimoshiraiwa, Izu-shi
 http://www.rakuten.co.jp/nakaizuwine ry-netvin/
Yugashima Golf Club & hotel toen
You can fully enjoy natural hot spring, golf course, relaxation, mountain resort including outdoor pool. Magnificent plateau course where golf course kept plain nature alive.
Person from accommodation \ 13,000/ ... (at the time of the room for 2 people use with half board)

〒410-3206 2571-10, Yugashima, Izu-shi
Parking lot existence (120)
7 days a week
Do you not take a trip to summer Toi Onsen?
The third generation family took a trip to summer Toi Onsen.
Please see for reference of trip to your Izu.
Dining and restaurant of calm atmosphere
[delicious golf course special feature ♪] Recommended lunch gourmet & discount information vol.6 la foret Shuzenji & country club
Restaurant of la foret Shuzenji & country club
The appearance
neno hot water vs. mountain cottage
Pure Japanese-style hot-spring hotel which nestles in center of Shuzenji Onsen.  
14,500- yen (tax-included for two people one with half board per room)
Day trip bath 1,100 yen (11:30 - 14: 30, towel, bath towel, tea, with cake.)
Noon, dinner + bathing 6,000 yen Japanese yen ... (reservation required)
〒410-2416 883, Shuzenji, Izu-shi
11 /40 name

The entrance
Mt. Aobane, Amagi hot spring green
Accommodation of Aohane Onsen source gravity-feed irrigation
12,750- yen
※Need reservations
〒410-3213 172-1, Aobane, Izu-shi
Four /12 name
The appearance
Hotel waterfall bower
Banquet dishes of excellent hot water and declared "hot water of kyoryuan" and carefully selected subject matter.
12,600- yen (for one room for 2 people with half board)
Day trip bath 1,000 yen (from 13:30 to 20:00)
〒410-2416 722, Shuzenji, Izu-shi
46 rooms
The appearance
Accommodation Arai Ryokan of registration cultural assets of country
Well-established inn founded in 1872. Wooden construction to be built in the clear stream Katsura River, accommodation of registration cultural assets of country.
23,250- yen (for two people one person with half board per room)
Only as for the meal, it is an average of 8,800 yen Japanese yen lunch an average of 5,800 yen at night 
〒410-2416 970, Shuzenji, Izu-shi 
No fixed holiday
Whole view
Oh, it is mackerel
Excellent inn proud of the history founded in 1675. In outdoor noh stage in pond, we put together in the four seasons and hold through ability, Noh comedy, scene of a lovers' suicide, the year including flute. In addition, we hold wedding wedding on the stage. Dishes utilized material hometown-centered at outdoor bath full of rural beauty with full of quantity of water are popular.
37,950- yen (for two people one person with half board per room)
Only as for the bathing with dinner 26,250- yen (reservation required)
〒410-2416 3450-1, Shuzenji, Izu-shi
Loss of interest in Japanese-style room 18/ 1/55 name
The appearance
Accommodation Showa building of Izu
Please value heart of "once-in-a-lifetime chance"….
We perform one-day meal plan (4,500- yen). With hot spring (yukata, bath towel for free rental)
10,500- yen
〒410-3302 306, Toi, Izu-shi
Six /20 name
The appearance
East prefecture and Resort&Spa-Izu
Having been continued since November 3, 2010, founding 400 years, the Edo era
Well-established inn opens as "east prefecture and Resort&Spa-Izu"! Meal in "Kaiseki tea and sound of water" and one-day plan. There are bakery & cafe and footbathing that can get and back in a day.
In addition, "meal (Kaiseki) + bathing" "spa treatment + meal (Kaiseki) + bathing"
One-day plan is substantial, too.
21,500- yen (for one room for 2 people use with half board)
〒410-3208 98, Yoshina, Izu-shi
23 rooms
The appearance
Mizunosato Marukyu Ryokan
We stand still in promenade last arrival place of "narrow path of bamboo forest",
Pure Japanese-style inn where heart feels at ease.
17,850- yen (room for 2 people one person rate with half board)
Day trip bath adult 1,500 yen dwarf 1,000 yen (reservation required)
Only as for the one-day meal, possible (inquiry required)
〒410-2416 1146, Shuzenji, Izu-shi
The churaru appearance
It is restaurant added to hotel olive tree. Restaurant which removed and rebuilt traditional Thai architecture that "resutoranchuraru" attracted eye.
In exotic atmosphere, please enjoy healthy buffet relaxedly.
The use only for restaurant is possible even if you do not stay. Please feel free to contact.
Meal with doggy is possible at terrace seat if in condition to have had you tie reed.
〒410-2412 322-1, Uryuno, Izu-shi "hotel olive tree" is inner
TEL0558-74-0810 (hotel olive tree)
FAX0558-74-1811 (hotel olive tree)
Weekday From 17:30 to 21:00 (as for the lunch only as for the group reservation)
Saturday and Sunday, From 11:30 to 15:00, from 17:30 to 21:00
Without holiday (as it may be chartered, please refer.)

Fujimi mountain cottage
Mount Fuji to see from open-air bath is superb view. Accommodation which seasonal handmade local cuisine of Amagi can taste. Riches of the soil, good luck of river, Amagi dishes to heart's content…! There are specially made course dishes.

〒410-3206 493, Yugashima, Izu-shi
Four /18 name
There is banquet room
Seating capacity: 25 people
Facilities: There is karaoke
The Izu Marriott hotel Shuzenji appearance
La foret Shuzenji & country club
General resort that spreads out in forest of Izu.
On very large site of 500,000 tsubos, there are various substantial facilities such as hotel cottage, hot spring, golf course tennis court, gymnasium, marriage ceremonial hall, banquet room, training rooms.
In the restaurant, the one-day use is possible, too. We can taste Izu City healthy gourmet "Izu Shika-don, too".
In addition, you can enjoy real barbecue garden, too.

7,000- yen (weekdays one person rate per night with breakfast)
Day trip bath 900 yen lunch 1,300- yen
Bedrock bath (accommodation 525 yen, one-day 1,050 yen)
〒410-2415 1529, Odaira, Izu-shi
296 /1, 598
Open-air bath of light
Sky SORA totsukisokinryu
With Noah's ark of glass emitting light to the natural world to voyage of healing…
28,500- yen
Day trip bath 1,500 yen (reservation required)
Day trip bath 5,500- yen 8,400 yen (reservation required) with lunch
Day trip bath 10,500- yen 18,900 yen (reservation required) with dinner
〒410-2416 3455, Shuzenji, Izu-shi
29 /80 name
The appearance
Breeze bay Shuzenji hotel
Please relax in light and wind to flow into Shuzenji of Asia. Other than meal, bathing, the use in getting and back in a day of relaxation is possible. (reservation required) can taste healthy gourmet "Izu Shika-don, too". Bali-like menu has lunch.

〒410-2416 3431, Shuzenji, Izu-shi
33 /160 name
The appearance
Liquid refreshments dormitory maruto
Delicious accommodation of dishes which Uoya before flower clock runs. There is day trip bath. (we establish "the only female" who can taste shore dinner in a day. Lunch requires reservation.)

〒410-3302 2658, Toi, Izu-shi
15 /62 name