Special product introduction

Fresh wasabi
Wasabi [special product of Izu City]
Please appreciate genuine wasabi which you brought up in rich clear stream and nature of Amagi, Izu. Wasabi is herb of all-around Izu.
We are selling plum syrup and pickled plum, souvenir in "plum bitono volost"
Plum syrup
Discerning taste of Tsukigase plum garden.
"Plum bitono volost"
〒410-3215 535-5, Tsukigase, Izu-shi 
There is P
"Tsukigase Onsen" gets off from Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 20 minutes
To Tomei Expressway Numazu IC - Route 1 (bypass) - Route 136 (Mishima grade separation) - Izu Chuo Expressway (pay) - Shuzenji road, Shuzenji tunnel (pay) - Route 136 (exit intersection) - Route 414 (by car 50 minutes)
Brown rice
Brown rice (kuromai) [special product of Izu City]
We plow field using bamboo charcoal or rice bran and are brown rice made specially in Shuzenji made with the cultivation method that held pesticide in check heartily carefully. 
Propagating Buddhism potato
Propagating Buddhism potato (kouboimo)
Potato that tenacity is stronger than yam and is good for your health.
Wasabi chu of nakaizu
Wasabi chu (shochu of wasabi)
Wasabi chu which used nakaizu product wasabi abundantly, and was brewed.
[communication foundation of a periodical that Izu eats] Product (food) of information magazine + Izu includes and sends
We do close-up and send food which they harvested with features to producer who continues making delicious food with original philosophy in Izu Peninsula bringing up warm climate and sea, mountain, river and rich nature with set.
The Toi special product city "thank you" appearance
Toi special product city "thank you" & rent-a-bicycle
Amagi noamago [special product of Izu City]
"Large amago of Amagi" was authorized as "Shizuoka meal selection" in 2011.
※It is various and, in Shizuoka meal selection ... Shizuoka, authorizes product with national value or characteristic that we can boast of abroad in its turn as "Shizuoka food selection" based on prefecture's original authorization standard from agriculture and forestry fishery products of high-quality Shizuoka.
Propagating Buddhism potato [special product of Izu City]
We had you distribute seeds of Tamba potato, and cultivation began in 1989 in former Shuzenji-cho. This potato was named "propagating Buddhism potato" for the deep propagating Buddhism Great Teacher of connection in Shuzenji Onsen.
It is with tokoroten
Amakusa [special product of Izu City]
Scenery to dry agar-agar is natural scene or object which adds poetic charm to the season of Toi from spring to early summer. Tokoroten of Toi to make with this agar-agar is proud of good texture and deepness of taste.
Sweetfish [special product of Izu City] of the Kano River
The source of the Kano River begins in Amagi Range of Izu City. As sweetfish of the Kano River eats moss brought up in clear stream, smelling fishy is nasty, and, with refreshing fragrance, taste is refined.
Rice [special product of Izu City]
Taste that rice of Izu City falls. Clean water brought up by the abundant forest, soil of rice field with full of minerals which shined, and have been succeeded carefully by ancient people of Ohisama to pour generously. True heart of "person" to bring up to rice with our oldness that grew up quickly and healthily in this environment is clogged up in one person grain closely.
yakon [special product of Izu City]
Fructo-oligosaccharide and sucrose, fructose, glucose said to be useful for lipid improvement are included.
Plum [special product of Izu City]
We opened "Tsukigase plum-grove" which was production center of plum of Izu City in 1969. It is plum garden in hill of Tsukigase district. Approximately six proud of the first area to in Izu Peninsula. Approximately 1,500 ume trees are planted on very large site of 2 hectares. He/she pleases tongue with fruit of plum with eyes with flower which is beautiful in the New Year every year at time of crop.
Kind of wasabi
About wasabi [special product of Izu City]
Raw wood cultivation
Shiitake (photograph material)
Lobster [special product of Izu City]
Lobster is one of the vaunted taste in the sea of Izu City. Fishing season from September 16 until next year May 15. It becomes the prohibition of fishing in gravid summer.
White loquat
White loquat [special product of Izu City]
In warm Toi district, production of loquats was carried out for a long time and has been shipped as "Toi loquat".
Shiitake [special product of Izu City]
Izu City is the birthplace of raw wood shiitake.
It is shiitake of Izu City boasting good fleshy muscular texture and taste.

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