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Dharma Yamatakahara campground (as for the photograph free site)
[summer vacation] Campground, lodge, beach in Izu City, guidance summary of paddling pool
Campground, lodge, paddling pool in Izu City, introduction of beach
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We have you show around hot-spring resort free if you make a reservation
[meeting of Shuzenji oldness and guide] Introduction of free volunteer guide of Shuzenji hot-spring resort
It is "Shuzenji hometown guide" volunteers to show around Shuzenji hot-spring resort free. "This will be what" during walk average and visit We can be taught, thing that we keep intact even if we think "what kind of reason (reason) is there?" by guide who knew Shuzenji well happily.
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Day logo of Mount Fuji
August 21 day of citizen of the prefecture!
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[la foret Shuzenji] Guidance [from July 29, 2018 to August 19] of workshop program for summer kids
In summer la foret Shuzenji, we hold six workshops drawing "individuality = color". It is program to be able to enjoy in parent and child in handmade experience-based studio of la foret resort Shuzenji among natural rich green. ※"La foret summer workshop" needs advanced reservations. When space is in capacity, even application on the day can participate. Application, inquiry is ... La foret Shuzenji [telephone] 0558-74 -, ...
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[la foret Shuzenji] Guidance [Saturday, August 4, 2018, 25th Saturday] of summer vacation manufacturing lesson
Company works together with la foret Shuzenji and holds collaboration plan! Come to manufacturing classroom which is heated, and provides sense of accomplishment where new learning and handicraft are heated to child by all means. Official site http://www.laforet.co.jp/lf-resort-shuzenji/info/18summer-school.html
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Guidance [from Friday, June 1, 2018] of Shuzenji Onsen sightseeing bus parking lot change
We had you park sightseeing bus parked in Shuzenji Onsen in going out bridge parking lot until May 31, 2018, but, for going out bridge rebuilding construction of the parking lot side, Shuzenji Onsen parking lot [open 24 hours] becomes parking lot for exclusive use of bus from Friday, June 1, 2018 (Heisei 30).
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[narrow path of Shuzenji Onsen, bamboo forest] Please enjoy fantastic light up and time-limited art spot at night
Around narrow path of bamboo forest of Shuzenji hot-spring resort, we light up from sunset to about 23:00.
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[as for the bus just where?] Introduction of application to easily understand positional information or transit, fare of Tokai bus
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Izu City presents! Izu City PR picture (four videos)
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Do you not take a trip to summer Toi Onsen?
The third generation family took a trip to summer Toi Onsen. Please see for reference of trip to your Izu.
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