[Amagi, Tsukigase plum-grove] News [Sunday, October 1, 2017] of viewing the moon concert
Viewing the moon concert that is carried out in Amagi, Tsukigase plum-grove.
Advance ticket 1,000 yen (general seating)
Gagaku, Tsugaru samisen, festival of Japanese traditional music including drum.
This year Katsura seat music prize Grand Prix "wa wo n"
[nostalgic romance Shuzenji] News [from 6 to 9 on October in 2017] of concert "Katsura seat" performed in the Shuzenji main hall of a Buddhist temple performance
Ticket beginning to sell of "Katsura seat" of every year favorable reception performance!

There was playhouse "Katsura seat" in corner of Shuzenji Onsen, but has disappeared with the change of the times once in the 30, Showa generation.
However, triggered by "Izu new century creation feast day" of 2000 "revive as shuzenjigeinotoko "Katsura seat".
Stage is the Shuzenji main hall of a Buddhist temple with the history more than 1,200 years. Please enjoy "Katsura seat" of atmosphere that is mysterious and profound, and is solemn stage.