Various sports

LAC spends saddle for cycle and uses
Shop, facility with cycle rack (motorcycle rack) in Izu City
We gathered up established store, facility of rack (bicycle parking facilities for sports bicycle) for cycle in Izu City. We publish having rental of tool or not for pump, bicycle for cycle.
<< Shuzenji station square rent-a-bicycle >> izu vélo (Izu vero)
We can rent bicycle with electric assistant player to make movement around Shuzenji Station it is more convenient, and fun
One hour 500 yen, four hours 1,000 yen, 2,000 yen a day
The appearance
Toi Kanayama
In mountain god company of the pit, golden torii of pure gold leaf tension is popular as luck with money power spot! Gold dust collecting experience is possible, too. 250 kg of world's best gold bullion of Guinness authorization must see it!
〒410-3302 2726, Toi, Izu-shi
From 9:00 to 17:00
Without holiday (there is in December)
Maruyama sports park
Maruyama sports park
Multipurpose park. It is facility which can enjoy sports such as tennis, baseball.
Please inflect for camps.
〒410-3303 1361-1, Yagisawa, Izu-shi
Parking lot existence
Is car than "Toi Maruyama Park" getting off Tomei Expressway Numazu IC, Shintouna Nagaizumi Numazu IC than Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 60 minutes; for 65 minutes from Tomei Expressway Numazu IC, Shintouna Nagaizumi Numazu IC from Izu traversing way (Gulf of east Suruga beltway) - Izu Chuo Expressway (pay) - Shuzenji road (pay) Ohira IC - Route 136 (exit intersection) - Toi Onsen of direct connection to the Nishi-Izu area
Toi beach
Toi beach
The Nishi-Izu's greatest Toi beach. We swim in the sea in the daytime. Setting sun sinking into the sea of the evening is the very beautiful shore.
〒410-3302 2657-6, Toi, Izu-shi
TEL0558-98-1212 (Izu City Tourism Association Toi branch office)
No charge for admission
Swimming time from 9:00 to 17:00
Monitoring period from the middle of July to the middle of August
Shower, dressing room for free
From Tomei Expressway Numazu interchange is one hour 20 minutes via R1, R136 line
"Toi Onsen" gets off by Tokai bus for Toi, Matsuzaki from Shuzenji Station for 50 minutes
Odoi beach
Odoi beach
It is popular as beach of secret little-known spot.
〒410-3301 Odoi, Izu-shi
TEL0558-98-1212 (Izu City Tourism Association Toi branch office)
No charge for admission
Monitoring time from 9:00 to 17:00
The establishment period early July and late August
Shower, dressing room for free
P pay
We transfer for Tokai to "Toi Onsen" getting off, bus for Toda by bus from Shuzenji Station, and "Odoi Beach" gets off
From Tomei Expressway Numazu interchange is 75 minutes via Izu traversing way (Gulf of east Suruga beltway), Izu Chuo Expressway (pay), Shuzenji road (pay), Route 136
Village store of Amagi wasabi
Village (road station "is beyond Amagi" inner) of Amagi wasabi
〒410-3206 892-6, Yugashima, Izu-shi (road station "is beyond Amagi" inner)
From 8:30 to 17:00 (in 10/20 - 2/21 16:30)
Processing experience (the making of Wasabizuke) - 45
Crop experience Saturdays, Sundays and holidays - five
Weekdays - ten
Without holiday (we follow rest of road station)
Parking lot for free
"Forest Hall of Showa" gets off from Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 40 minutes
Amagi Daum where softball official game is carried out for
Amagi oldness and open space sports Barthes play YOU Amagi
It is provided equipment by municipal large-scale sports recreation. There are experience-based ceramic art and accommodations, too.
Please inflect for camp or athletic meet.

〒410-3216 1120-1, Kamifunabara, Izu-shi
From 8:00 to 17:00 (house 9:30 ... of tennis - 21:00 ceramic art)
Other facilities are no fixed holiday in fixed closing day on house extremely difficult situation day of ceramic art
From Shuzenji Station is a 20-minute walk after "Amagi hometown open space Exit" getting off for bus 35 minutes 
From Tomei Expressway Numazu IC, Shintouna Nagaizumi Numazu IC 40 minutes
Plum garden
Tsukigase plum-grove
Flower begins to bloom from about the middle of January, and it is in full bloom in about the middle of February. We open as plum picking garden in the beginning of June.
We buy for 400 yen/kg during fee for entering kindergarten for free plum picking period
〒410-3215 535-5, Tsukigase, Izu-shi
Without holiday  
P for free
From Shuzenji Station from Tokai bus 20 minutes "Tsukigase Onsen" getting off Tomei Expressway Numazu interchange one hour via R136
Nakaizu winery chateau T.S
Nakaizu winery Hills
Winery resort that can enjoy superb view of Mount Fuji among vineyards.
Other than accommodation, hot spring, outdoor sport facility, marriage ceremonial hall, restaurant and facility are fulfilling, too.
There is experience-based adventure "project adventure, too". (reservation required)
 There is free shuttle bus from Shuzenji Station (from station approximately 15 minutes)
 〒410-2501 1434, Shimoshiraiwa, Izu-shi
 FAX0558-83-3040 ry-netvin/
Yugashima Golf Club & hotel toen
You can fully enjoy natural hot spring, golf course, relaxation, mountain resort including outdoor pool. Magnificent plateau course where golf course kept plain nature alive.
Person from accommodation \ 13,000/ ... (at the time of the room for 2 people use with half board)

〒410-3206 2571-10, Yugashima, Izu-shi
Parking lot existence (120)
7 days a week
Izu skyline country club
Golf course. Magnificent course with sacred mountain Mount Fuji as making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden.
〒410-2502 2067-25, Kamishiraiwa, Izu-shi 
There is parking lot
Amagi plateau golf course
Golf course. Course that it is located in plateau of 1,000m above sea level, and can enjoy refreshing play coolly among virgin forests in the summertime.
〒410-2513 638-83, Sugehiki, Izu-shi
There is shuttle bus from Ito Station (one-way 500 yen approximately 45 minutes)
Wisteria Amagi Golf Club (old "new Amagi Nikkatsu Golf Club")
Golf course. Three courses that were blessed with very large nature that views such as Mount Fuji, Hakone Mountains, Mount Amagi were splendid.
〒410-3217 1190-1, Odairakakigi, Izu-shi
Is car than Tomei Expressway Numazu IC, Shintouna Nagaizumi Numazu IC; Gulf of 40 minutes ... east Suruga beltway - Izu Chuo Expressway (pay) - Shuzenji road, Shuzenji tunnel (pay) - Route 136 (to the Shimoda area)

 It is ten minutes by taxi from Shuzenji Station 
(there are no pickup and drop-off)

Izu apartment house Golf Club
Golf course. Course of U.K. Lynx type that overcomes severe condition at the mountaintop, and is the flat in Izu Peninsula, and creates pleasure of the capture besides.
〒410-3217 845-67, Jizodo, Izu-shi
Shuzenji country club (the ninth hall)
Shuzenji country club
Golf course. Strategic course that was unique, and was full of changes that kept nature of Izu alive skillfully.
〒410-2406 965, Hinata, Izu-shi
Izu international country club
Golf course. Course that can enjoy splendid scenery and daring play throughout the year.
〒410-2418 1004-5, Horigiri, Izu-shi
※Under club bus service (confirm at the time of reservation at time)
Nakaizu green club
Golf course. Course with taste that was full of the strategic nature while making use of natural environments to the maximum.
〒410-2507 1521-108, Hiekawa, Izu-shi
Tour that coffee break is possible on rock of superb view
[Shiroyama ra pe ring tour] Thrill experience to be below rock face 100m with rope! [adventure support]
It is introduction of Shiroyama raperingutsua which outdoor tour company "adventure support" of Izu City runs.
Sightseeing business and industry staff S of Izu City actually collected data on raperingu experience of this thrill perfect score!
[MRI of golf swing!] Three-dimensional swing analysis system was introduced into Shuzenji country club
Do you not take a trip to summer Toi Onsen?
The third generation family took a trip to summer Toi Onsen.
Please see for reference of trip to your Izu.
2016 Asia bicycle race championship that was held in Izu velodrome
[we can watch a game free] News [2017] of bicycle race meet held in Izu velodrome
It is news of bicycle race meeting to be carried out in Izu velodrome (facility in Japanese cycle sports center) decided in truck race venue of Tokyo 2020 meeting bicycle race.
As all meetings to introduce here are no charge for admission, and you can see anyone freely, please arrive by all means.
CENTRAL SPORTS outdoor village THE101
The Japan's biggest diving facility. Program to be able to enjoy from scuba diving beginner to senior is fulfilling. Swimming whom we are hard for to deal with is welcomed!
(we can experience guide dive, experience-based diving, diving school, snorkeling.)
〒410-3303 1342-1, Yagisawa, Izu-shi
[Tokai bus] We came to be able to bring bicycle into the bus inside of car [from May, 2016]
We can rent Italian car "Bianchi" for 2,000 yen a day
["bicycle and Izu" promotion meeting] Guidance of "Amagi cycling" to enjoy by Italian car rent-a-bicycle
In Izu City Tourism Association Amagi Branch, we can rent bicycle "Bianchi" what made in Italy!

The Izu velodrome appearance
Izu velodrome (facility in Japanese cycle sports center)
Dome with bank of world standard specifications that can hold international meeting of bicycle track and field.

Tongue (bicycle) + Drome (sports stadium)
[in Izu City canyoning] Do you not perform "bodily sensation" of beautiful mountain stream of nakaizu literally?
We swim on foot in valley (canyon) and slide down natural water slider and do dive in the basin of a waterfall and make full use of "ra pe ring" using rope, and canyoning is outdoor sports going down valley using own body. We can experience the canyoning in Izu City!
From window of restaurant majestic figure of Mount Fuji
[delicious golf course special feature ♪] Recommended lunch gourmet & discount information vol.8 Izu skyline country club
Restaurant of Izu skyline country club
2nd hole "acacia" over the ravine
[Funabara, Izu golf] Short course to be able to enjoy from beginner ♪ Golf course of 9 halls soft-headed 28
"Funabara, Izu golf"
Short course of 9 halls soft-headed 28 which can play weekdays for 2,000 yen a day casually per person.
From beginner to intermediate person, it is golf course of short hole to be reasonable, and to be able to enjoy.
Popular constant seller menu
[delicious golf course special feature ♪] Manager recommended lunch gourmet & discount information vol.7 Izu international country club
Restaurant of Izu international country club
Dining and restaurant of calm atmosphere
[delicious golf course special feature ♪] Recommended lunch gourmet & discount information vol.6 la foret Shuzenji & country club
Restaurant of la foret Shuzenji & country club
Restaurant which can eat while looking at Mount Fuji
[delicious golf course special feature ♪] Manager recommended lunch gourmet & discount information vol.5 nakaizu green club
Restaurant of nakaizu green club
The second-floor restaurant andromeda is atmosphere of mountain hut
[delicious golf course special feature ♪] Recommended lunch gourmet & discount information vol.4 Amagi plateau golf course
Restaurant of Amagi plateau golf course
It is open until menu from breakfast in lunch, after, and general visitor except golfer is available, too.

Of Amagi plateau parking lot for exclusive use of hiker is opposite, and is selling Mount Amagi mountain climbing memory batch of Amagi plateau original
[delicious golf course special feature ♪] Recommended lunch gourmet & discount information vol.3 Yugashima Golf Club & hotel toen
Restaurant of Yugashima Golf Club & hotel toen
Restaurant with open feeling of wisteria Amagi Golf Club
[delicious golf course special feature ♪] Manager recommended lunch gourmet & discount information vol.2 wisteria Amagi Golf Club (former: newly Amagi Nikkatsu)
Restaurant of wisteria Amagi Golf Club (old "new Amagi Nikkatsu Golf Club")
[delicious golf course special feature ♪] Manager recommended lunch gourmet & discount information vol.1 Izu apartment house Golf Club
Restaurant of Izu apartment house Golf Club
Nakaizu room warm water pool "fureppu"
There are pool and training room of the large small, each classroom including underwater Fra. We plan discharge reduction of CO2, and it is designed in consideration for barrier-free by the use of late-night electricity without using boiler to have you swim in environment that is safer, and is comfortable.
General 410 yen child student 200 yen
※"Child student" is infant (3 years old or older), child and student of junior high school and high school.
※After getting out of pool, and having changed the clothes in locker, charge hangs again when we use pool again.
General 2,050 yen (six pieces of spelling)
Child student 2,050 yen (12 pieces of spelling)
From Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00
Sundays and holidays from 9:00 to 16:00
Every Monday, the year-end and New Year closing
There are none for break.
〒410-2502 828-2, Kamishiraiwa, Izu-shi
The Toi special product city "thank you" appearance
Toi special product city "thank you" & rent-a-bicycle
The appearance
River of hotel
Accommodation along the Kano River. There are tennis court (12) and pool (summer limitation), too and is most suitable for camps. Please relax after the sports in hot spring.
Room without meals 4,200- yen
〒410-3202 129, Kumogane, Izu-shi
15 /60 name
Village (zusyusugehikinosato) of Izu Sugehiki
We can experience rice-transplanting and inekari rio in Sugehiki, Izu-shi that is full of nature.

[rice-transplanting experience] (about May) approximately three hours in from 11:00 to 15:00. 1,000 yen lower than adult 2,200 yen primary schoolchild ※Reservation until the end of March.
[we cut rice and experience] Approximately three hours in from 11:00 to 15:00. 800 yen lower than adult 1,500 yen primary schoolchild ※Reservation until the end of August. [taste hunting (spring, summer, autumn)] 15 minutes ... in from 11:00 to 15:00
Apply for child by protector companion.
Reservation required.
〒410-2513 303, Sugehiki, Izu-shi
From 9:00 to 15:00
No fixed holiday
One 400 yen
From 9:00 to 10:00
The appearance
Hot spring guest house sawarabi-so
Accommodation in good Shiraiwa Onsen of spring quality. Day trip bath is possible, too.
Mountain climbing, hiking, mountain stream fishing, going mushroom gathering and expert guide of this way 20 years guide. As for the hiking guides such as Darumayama, Mount Amagi…. Please refer.
〒410-2502 1043-11, Kamishiraiwa, Izu-shi
TEL0558-83-4512 (reservation required)
in16:00 out10:00
Wednesday fixed closing day
CSC cycle sports center
Country cycle sports center of bicycle to be able to enjoy from child to adult. One-day natural hot spring "cycle hot spring yu - salon," abundant facility including "putter golf course" is popular accommodations "rhinoceros Teru" "running water pool" "forest DAY campground of spirit"!
[admission] Adult (more than junior high student) 800 yen - / dwarf (4 years old or older) 600 yen ... (there is group discount)
[day trip bath] Adult 800 yen dwarf 600 yen
Lunch 350 yen - 850 yen
[accommodation] Personal / adult 6,900 yen child 5,900 yen
〒410-2402 1826, Ono, Izu-shi
Business hours weekdays from 10:00 to 16:30
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9:30 to 16:30
(it varies according to seasons)
On Thursday or other maintenance suspension of business existence
Adventure 2
amagi sky adventure (Amagi plateau)
Athletic to add to Amagi plateau resort, begonia garden.
〒410-2507 1524, Hiekawa, Izu-shi
From 9:00 to 17:00
Parking lot existence (20)
We do business only in day and GW, summer vacation on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from April through November
We stand and row
Class of Izu general high school was carried out in velodrome!
Experience-based scenery
Nakaizu experience farm
It is stay type allotment.
Inquiry nakaizu experience farm management union
〒410-2501 1660, Shimoshiraiwa, Izu-shi
From 9:00 to 15:00 (reservation required)
P is free on Wednesday in fixed closing day
From Tomei Expressway Numazu interchange via R136, prefectural road Route 12 45 minutes (become winery)
TOJ race
We held festival "cycle festival Izu 2012" of one color of bicycle
Wheeler school
We hold festival 2011 for cycle
Izu running motorcycle championship IIN
Matsubara Park
Superb view & power spot circulation cycling of sea breeze refreshing "Toi!" We introduce of this!
This cycling model course came over to "Toi" of scenic beauty district! It is cycling course in half day of gentle approximately 15km of incline that beginner can enjoy this time!
In the start point, cherry tree of early blooming is Matsubara Park in full blossom. (the mid-February and early March in full bloom)

Izu Attractiveness (three forces) Project
Izu Attractiveness (three forces) Project
Facility uses such as camp, meeting holding to Izu charm (three power (miryoku)) project!
By Izu charm (three power) project, we help with camp or meeting holding.
Introductions of suggestion, interleague ball (opponent) of exercise facility reservation, accommodations mediation, valve these skilled in the art mediation, souvenir supplier mediation, experience-based program.
Izu charm (three power) project can perform camps one telephone if we can have without putting effort.
〒The 410-3213 89, Aobane, Izu-shi Kano Dome
Cyclist and shiitake footbath
Yugashima, Amagi "enjoy naturally! It is cycling course introduction of stopover aimlessly!
["bicycle and Izu" promotion meeting] Izu in the place of dispatch of cycle recreation! [development of Izu City bicycle town development basic plan]
<< as for the latest information >>
Bicycle and Izu promotion meeting Facebook page
Kano River Park
Kano River memory park
As Kano River typhoon revival memory of 1958, it was built by this ground that damage was the heaviest.
There are brochures such as guidebooks at management building. Please use for restroom break casually.
It is completely equipped with ground tennis court (fully equipped with night game light), gateball field, too. There is nice park toward with child.
〒410-2411 512-1, Kumasaka, Izu-shi
7 days a week
Play with a whore
hamabo club
Play with a whore classroom where there is life observation about creature of beach. We mention wonder of creature, and experience of string made is possible, too.
〒410-3302 412-19, Toi, Izu-shi
[play with a whore classroom] Before and after ebb tide, around two hours of flood tide in from 9:00 to 17:00.
[experience of string made] Simultaneous indoors, around two hours. Refer for the pivot such as rate, time together.
Participation drinks more than ten groups. More than primary schoolchild. It is limited to hotel guest in Izu City.
Let's get teamwork in adventure experience!
Project adventure (nakaizu winery leech)
We experience project adventure from the United States. Experience-based adventure that problem is given every element made with log and wire, and seemingly achieves problem thought to be impossibility with all the groups. We can build school group, the company training, sports team, teamwork and relationship of mutual trust including family naturally.
〒410-2501 1434, Shimoshiraiwa, Izu-shi
It requires reservation one month before TEL0558-83-2310()
Nirayama history enjoyment cycling map
Cycling course - extra, Izunokuni-shi Nirayama history enjoyment cycling ...
It is cycling course extra, Izunokuni-shi version this time!
It is course for approximately two hours when a lot of flat ways enjoy even beginner and can run.
It will circulate through the history of Nirayama while looking at Mount Fuji!
Izunokuni-shi and Kano River cycling over Izu City are good all day long if there is! Please do for reference.
Clinical survey
Rehabilitation Nakaizu Onsen Hospital 
How is clinical survey of relaxed 2 days and 1 night with meal of hotel?
We perform clinical survey of 2 days and 1 night in rehabilitation Nakaizu Onsen Hospital. How about reviewing some detached rooms, own body from busy every day. Health Care Center has bathroom facility flowing constantly from the source.
[schedule] Designated day of hospital on fire - Wednesday and Thursday - Friday
[the use possibility number of people] Three people
[use amount of money] General 65,100 yen (tax-included)
※Contract rate with each health insurance union, cooperative association
[accommodations] Hotel winery leech or la foret Shuzenji (as for the dinner on the first day at hotel)
Contact Rehabilitation Nakaizu Onsen Hospital Health Care Center
Departure Place
"Nakaizu enjoyment day return cycling course" around nakaizu Omi town - mamoribishooku introduction!
Co-Gawa green golf
Co-Gawa green golf
It is practice field of golf. "Power as for the continuation"
There are various price plans including "we are free to beat".
〒410-2407 687-1, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi (in front of prefectural Izu synthesis high school)
Weekdays from 10:00 to 22:00 (in the morning extra service from 9:00 to 12:00)           
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9:30 to 22:00
To Shuzenji Onsen
Introduction of Shuzenji Station - Okuno-in Temple (the Katsura Great Teacher) Japanese alphabet way day return cycling course
To Okuno-in Temple which is considered to be the ground of ascetic practices of the iza propagating Buddhism Great Teacher while enjoying scenery of Izu City! Course that enjoys nature of quiet Shuzenji.
Village of Amagi egg
We breed approximately 250-500 chickens. "Fresh egg having just finished laying" taste is with origami! Visit to chicken house is possible. It is made with egg yolk oil and can experience shiitake picking, wild plants collecting.
[the making of egg yolk oil] One hour in from 13:00 to 16:00
800 yen (ten eggs)
[shiitake picking, wild plants collecting] From 13:00 to 16:00
Shiitake picking (spring, autumn) 300 yen
Wild plants picking (in spring) free of charge
〒410-3216 1238, Funabara, Izu-shi
From 13:00 to 16:00
Without holiday
The "TRACK PARTY" Izu City landing! First in Japan holding! (finished)
The Kano Dome appearance
Kano Dome, Kano ground, Kano pool
Large-scale general gymnasium which they are the biggest in Izu City, and two basketball, valley three, badminton ten, table tennis 12 can secure. Please inflect for athletic meet, camp!
〒410-3213 89, Aobane, Izu-shi
Fishing ground
Amagi international trout fishing ground
Do you not catch longed-for amago and rainbow trout? We grill fish which we caught on the spot and can eat.
〒Waterfall of 410-3206 Izu City hot water ka shimakiyomehasu
7/21 - 9/30 from 8:30 to 16:30
10/1 - 7/20 from 9:00 to 16:30
No fixed holiday (rainy weather, flooding, off-season temporary suspension of business)

The Izu Marriott hotel Shuzenji appearance
La foret Shuzenji & country club
General resort that spreads out in forest of Izu.
On very large site of 500,000 tsubos, there are various substantial facilities such as hotel cottage, hot spring, golf course tennis court, gymnasium, marriage ceremonial hall, banquet room, training rooms.
In the restaurant, the one-day use is possible, too. We can taste Izu City healthy gourmet "Izu Shika-don, too".
In addition, you can enjoy real barbecue garden, too.

7,000- yen (weekdays one person rate per night with breakfast)
Day trip bath 900 yen lunch 1,300- yen
Bedrock bath (accommodation 525 yen, one-day 1,050 yen)
〒410-2415 1529, Odaira, Izu-shi
296 /1, 598
Your Bo god of water company
Kisobou god of water company (kisobosuijinja)
Kisobou god of water company is considered to be the foundation in 1673 (Kanbun 13) and is old shrine to enshrine *shojomei (we drink without seeing, also known as chisel we have godhood as God of water, God of well). Forest of local deity of 1996 "forest 50 selections with Shizuoka water to bring up" is authorized.
We carry out only in - end of August on harvest of wasabis experience about July 20
Approximately one hour 1,000 yen in from 9:00 to 17:00
Two ... (it requires reservation by the day before)
TEL0558-83-2636 (Izu City Tourism Association nakaizu branch office)
140-1, Kisobo, Izu-shi
From Shuzenji Station from Hakone, Izu bus 20 minutes Tomei Expressway Numazu interchange 75 minutes via R136, prefectural road 12
Begonia garden
Amagi Tokyu Resort - Amagi plateau ... (athletic putter golf)
In Amagi plateau resort of athletic, besides, facility including putter golf course is fulfilling.
〒413-0294 1524, Hiekawa, Izu-shi
7 days a week
P for free