Yotsutsuji - Manjiro azalea
2017 to walk Mount Amagi
Waterfall (aunnotaki) of Shuzenji Okuno-in Temple inspiration and expiration
[quietness of Okuno-in Temple autumn] Guidance (from reservation reception desk September 5) of Shuzenji - Okuno-in Temple walk society)
Please enjoy "Okuno-in Temple lunch" which you made with local products over 88 places and Japanese alphabet stone for the last time in ground Okuno-in Temple while enjoying autumn village forest scenery with guide at the distance of approximately one village (approximately 4km) from Shuzenji to Okuno-in Temple.

[hiking model course] "Eyes eight orders pond hiking daily course to go by route bus of Amagi" introduction
100 Kannon
100 Kannon (it blows) of fuku*in
Group rape by local believer is carried out on 17th and can look at 100 Kannon every month on that day. Annual festival is held every year in the beginning of August.
We are said to be the Sekino (cough) 100 Kannon.
Promenade is maintained and can go to near the waterfall
[excellent waterfall of Izu City] "Asahi waterfall" of healing & power spot of little-known spot is present from volcano!
"Asahi waterfall" in Odaira, Izu-shi
Asahi seemed to be named so by figure which bath bide glistened with.
Little-known spot healing spot of Izu City.
Geo-site of Izu Peninsula Geopark
Amagi rhododendron course
[hiking] Amagi rhododendron course
Recommended course is Amagi rhododendron course by hiking from May.

"Rise of Shuzenji, Izu, literature and flower"; no certificate
"We rose of Shuzenji, Izu, literature and flower", and the to "dance girl sidewalk" was chosen by "100 selections of ways of culture"
[Toi, Koibito Misaki] Boardwalk & observation deck renews on February 14, 2015 and is opened!
On February 14, 2015, Koibito Misaki boardwalk & observation deck renews and is opened.

In Koibito Misaki, wedding is possible, too.

Colored leaves situation 2014 (December 18 update) of Izu City
We tell about the colored leaves situation in the Izu city (mainly Shuzenji, the Amagi area) in photograph.
We update around two times a week.
Of autumn outing please refer to.
Course that we walked in observation society
We participated in eight orders pond beech stock protected forest observation meeting
"Eight orders pond" in national park special sanctuary
"Virgin forest of beech" is in special sanctuary of country designation in Izu City
The Shuzenji main gate of a Buddhist temple where new Niodou was established
Deva King image was put in the Shuzenji main gate of a Buddhist temple of restoration construction completion
Accessory person using original seaweed opens in "wafunagioku" Shuzenji Onsen 
Introductions such as guided tour of "Nordic events walking hiking" to be possible in Izu City, walking event
We settled tours that "walked" such as Nordic events walking hiking planned in Izu City.
It is good to enjoy in individuals, but width of pleasure spreads markedly if hiking is guided tour.
We stopped by to "Tanada of desert land" (we set that up) of Nagano District of May
We see bath (tokkonoyu) of Tokko from Kawarayu (footbath)
[visiting bridges of love] We stroll in Shuzenji Onsen of love accomplishment power spot
The Katsura River which flows through center of Shuzenji hot-springs resort.
There is legend of love in five bridges built over this river and is said to be when love grows when we cross all five bridges while hanging wish.

Legend matchmaking of bridge where power spot Shuzenji, Izu hot spring Shuzenji is red
Forest Hall, the right of Showa are restaurant & stands the left building
[guided tour recommends hiking!] We participated in geo-guided tour.
You click and make image big, and please see
"Wasabi field (ikadabanowasabida) of raft ground" which wants you to see once with the eyes
Eight orders pond of snow scene
Winter scene of eight orders pond 
The appearance
Hot spring guest house sawarabi Zhuang
Hotel in good Shiraiwa Onsen of spring quality. Day trip bath is possible, too.
Mountain climbing, hiking, mountain stream fishing, going mushroom gathering and expert guide of this way 20 years guide. As for the hiking guides such as Darumayama, Mount Amagi…. Please refer.
〒410-2502 1043-11, Kamishiraiwa, Izu-shi
TEL0558-83-4512 (reservation required)
in16:00 out10:00
Wednesday fixed closing day
The appearance
Hotel shikiya of mountain village
Quiet hotel along upper Kano River. Hiking courses explain detailed hiking course soon, too.
8,000- yen
〒410-3206 1652, Yugashima, Izu-shi
Six rooms, 25 people
Firmness waterfall
Waterfall in Toi, Izu-shi Koshimoda Yonezaki.       Drop 35m
Waterfall (dragon figure (Riyu alias does waterfall of)) of Goryu
The shore of Yugashima field   
Hontani River Namezawa Valley   
Drop 3m2 article + keiryu*betsumei / dragon figure waterfall
Kanayama, Yugashima, Izu-shi   
Carrying-over river Takizawa          
Drop 15m
The Yagisawa shore
Street cape hiking course (the Nishi-Izu sidewalk)
Course that leaves for the south from port of Toi. We can overlook Toi Onsen and can look at Fuji in the neighborhood of terminal.
Course of approximately 40 minutes of 2.0km.
"Yagisawa" gets off Shuzenji Station by bus to head eight Museum for Matsuzaki for approximately 55 minutes
Odoi hiking course
Course of the old road use to go to the north from hot-spring resort of Toi, and to go along Odoi hot spring.
... Toi (Oyabu) approximately one hour 30 minutes in front of cemetery
Shuzenji Station - Toi (50 minutes) Toi - Funayama (15 minutes)
Gold crown mountain, kiyoseno forest
"Mount Fuji from Mt. Dharma rest house" counted among one of Izu three excellent Chinese quatrains (three places of superb views on behalf of Izu) was displayed in New York World Exposition (1939) and won great great admiration.
It is 27 minutes by bus of the Toda area from Shuzenji Station. We get off at "Mt. Dharma rest house" bus stop. Course that looks at Mount Fuji, and climbs gold crown mountain for approximately 40 minutes.
Cotton tree
Maruyama hiking course (the Nishi-Izu sidewalk)
Mount Fuji is superb view over Gulf of Suruga. Nature trail close to the seaside.
Course of approximately 50 minutes of 2.2km.
We are sent to head eight Museum for Matsuzaki than Shuzenji Station
Bus approximately 55 minutes "Yagisawa" getting off
The Izusan ridgeline sidewalk (early wind mountain pass - Funabara Pass)
Izusan ridgeline sidewalk ② Kazahaya Pass - Funabara Pass
Course that walks ridgeline wrapped in Prunus incisa in tunnel spring of bamboo grass Hara and andromeda full of extensive feelings of freedom. Recommendation is November of colored leaves season for from May to June of the fresh green in April when bean cherry tree and andromeda bloom.

"Carrying-over hot spring" gets off Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 45 minutes
Tsukigase plum-grove
kichi* - Funabara promenade
Former life way which links two hot spring resorts. Tsukigase plum-grove proud of Izu's best area to.
We leave famous Yoshina Onsen as hot water of child.
"Yoshina Onsen" gets off from Shuzenji Station for Tokaido bus approximately 23 minutes
"The Izu Dancer" near waterfall bus stop of kiyomehasu image
The dance girl sidewalk
Opening sentence of masterpiece "The Izu Dancer" of Yasunari Kawabata is Amagi Pass. The starting point of "the dance girl sidewalk" is waterfall of kiyomehasu. We can look at stone tablet of movie director, Heinosuke Gosho of the first "The Izu Dancer" when we get off at bus stop "Amagi mountain cottage" of two this side.
Eight orders pond
It is eight orders pond from forest of wild bird
Take a walk through forest of beech while hearing voice of wild bird; and to eyes, eight orders pond of Amagi. Natural forest where beech, andromeda, maples grow thick in the forest of wild bird. Through the year, 64 kinds of wild birds fly and play song.
From Shuzenji Station Tokai bus (there is on suspension day by time)
Approximately 40 minutes "forest Hall of Showa" - approximately 32 minutes "eight orders Ikeguchi"
Mt. Misuji course
Mt. Misuji promenade
We get off Shuzenji Station by bus for eight orders Ikeguchi in terminal for one hour 13 minutes. Bus of eight orders Ikeguchi area is careful for service in season. Observation station which can expect grassy plain with ups and downs to spread through Mt. Misuji and sea, Izu Oshima of Higashiizu opens when we pass through forest zone such as beech, himeshara, hinoki.
Koibito Misaki
Circumference cape hiking course (the Nishi-Izu sidewalk)
Hiking course around circumference cape. Cape where circumference cape of the tip is called "Koibito Misaki", and Mount Fuji and setting sun are beautiful. Of popularity as power spot that is said to be favorite person here when love grows when we sound love call bell. It is interesting we look in glasses called glasses monument, and to see Mount Fuji.
Izu City Tourism Association Toi branch office 0558-98-1212
Flatter; Spanish mackerel virgin forest
Flatter; Spanish mackerel virgin forest walk course
We flatter the upper classes of river flowing through the middle of nakaizu, and there is Spanish mackerel river, and there is virgin forest hardly untouched near. There is much number of wild birds and is perfect place for natural observation and forest bathing, walk.
To Okuno-in Temple
Japanese alphabet way - Okuno-in Temple, the Katsura Great Teacher
I smell "color, but san rinuruo, all my world go depths today of naramu shifts and changes that it is usual, and is shallow; without dreaming, and doing, and doing drunkenness string;"
We have opinion which sky Sea (the propagating Buddhism Great Teacher) created in "iroha uta". Monument which engraved "n" into this Japanese alphabet letter 48 characters that we added is built between 5km from the main gate of a Buddhist temple of Shuzenji to Okuno-in Temple of Yubune.
Visiting 7, Amagi Fukugami
Various defects are said to be when we go round the God of Longevity of large dragon temple, the god of treasure of the House of treasury, megumihijuson of genuine temple, Sarasvati of minematsuin, god of wealth of Akinori temple, the God of Wealth and Longevity of Hiromichi temple, futaison of accomplishment House, the above-mentioned Seven Deities of Good Luck when extinction seven kinds of happiness are in benefit raw immediately immediately.
[we use Tokai bus from Shuzenji Station] Large dragon temple (getting off at Kakigi Bridge bus stop 2.0 kilos) treasury House (getting off at House of treasury bus stop 0.1 kilos) genuine House (getting off at arrow bear bridge bus stop 0.4 kilos)
House of minematsuin (getting off at Tazawa Exit bus stop 0.5 kilos) Akinori temple (getting off at Ichiyama bus stop 0.4 kilos) accomplishment (Yugashima Onsen Exit bus stop lower 0.7 kilos) Hiromichi temple (getting off at Yugashima Onsen Exit bus stop 0.3 kilos)
Autumn eight orders pond
Eight orders pond (go to butterfly)
It is popular as hiking course. As the neighborhood is covered in lake in 1,125m above sea level by tin bamboo, call with another name "pond of a male" and is known to bough as habitat of natural treasure "harpoon green frog" depositing egg of frothiness.
TEL0558-85-1056 (Izu City Tourism Association Amagi Branch)
After "eight orders Ikeguchi" gets off from Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 45 minutes; a 120-minute walk
Namezawa Valley
Namezawa Valley (namesawakeikoku)
Valley which was surrounded in the north side of Amagi Pass, deep forest equal to branch of the Kano River. Anion is plentiful.
It is a 15-minute walk after "Namezawa Valley" getting off by Tokai bus from Shuzenji for 35 minutes
Valley which spreads out for 1km of cat Koshikawa of upper reaches from the Kano River and junction of cat Koshikawa.
〒410-3206 Yugashima, Izu-shi
TEL0558-85-1056 (Izu City Tourism Association Amagi Branch)
It is "Yugashima Onsen Exit" getting off, a 5-minute walk by Tokai bus from Shuzenji for approximately 30 minutes
The neighborhood of Amagi Tunnel
Amagi Pass
Mountain pass known as "The Izu Dancer" of Yasunari Kawabata.
TEL0558-85-1056 (Izu City Tourism Association Amagi Branch)
"Amagi Pass" gets off Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 45 minutes
Taro cedar
Taro cedar (Mount Amagi's best huge tree)
It is popular as power spot. In huge tree of the first place out of Mount Amagi, we are estimated with approximately 450 years years old.
〒410-3206 Yugashima, Izu-shi
TEL0558-85-1056 (Izu City Tourism Association Amagi Branch)
Go south in Izu traversing way (Gulf of east Suruga beltway), Izu Chuo Expressway, Shuzenji road, R414 via R136 from "Namezawa Valley" getting off Tomei Expressway Numazu IC, Shintouna Nagaizumi Numazu IC from Shuzenji Station for bus 45 minutes; is 30-minute walk more to Namezawa valley bus stop for 60 minutes
The forest Hall appearance of Showa
Forest Hall of Showa (roadside station "is beyond Amagi" inner)
"We go over Amagi", and roadside station is inner.
There are forest Museum and Izu modern literature Museum and restaurant to introduce nature such as plant and animal of Amagi to on panel video in forest of Nature park Showa made in forest of 1,600ha that is full of green around the Amagi Pass.
There is hiking course, too.
Izu modern literature Museum admission charges adult 300 yen dwarf 100 yen
〒410-3206 892-6, Yugashima, Izu-shi
From 8:30 to 16:30 (admission - 16:00)
The third Wednesday fixed closing day
P for free
"Forest Hall of Showa" gets off from Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 40 minutes
Is car than Tomei Expressway Numazu IC; than 60 minutes Tomei Expressway Numazu IC, Shintouna Nagaizumi Numazu IC Izu traversing way (Gulf of east Suruga beltway) - Izu Chuo Expressway (pay) - Shuzenji road (pay) Ohira IC - National highway No. 136, National highway No. 414 of direct connection
Distinguished citizen Pass
Mountain pass of old nakaizu town and boundary of former Amagi Yugashima-cho. Pile up, and, as for the view of Mount Fuji, it is wild plants in autumn well in spring in Japanese pampas grass field of one side; and good enemy land of hiking.

TEL0558-83-2636 (Izu City Tourism Association nakaizu branch office)
Waterfall of manjo
Waterfall (banjonotaki) of manjo
〒410-2515 767-3, Jizodo, Izu-shi
http://www.wasabi-pro.co.jp/banjyou/banjyou. html
It is a 15-minute walk after getting off by Hakone, Izu bus from Shuzenji for 40 minutes
Fuji from Maruno plateau
Maruno plateau (circle we appear in this way)
At grassy plain opening in the foot of Mt. north Maruno, it is 600m above sea level.
TEL0558-83-2636 (Izu City Tourism Association nakaizu branch office)
From Tomei Expressway Numazu IC, Shintouna Nagaizumi Numazu IC 60 minutes via Izu traversing way (Gulf of east Suruga beltway), Izu Chuo Expressway, R136, prefectural road 12
Izusan ridgeline sidewalk (1) Amagi Pass - Kazahaya Pass
nekoetsukakuchiko which conveys trace of nekoetsukasan going beech like Amagi, forest zone of himeshara most. Course that walks natural forest and good ridge of the prospects.
TEL0558-85-1883 (Izu City Tourism Association Amagi Branch)
"Amagi Pass" gets off Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 45 minutes
Fuji from Darumayama
Darumayama hiking
Shuzenji - Toda (about 10km/ approximately four hours course)
"Mt. Dharma rest house" gets off from Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 27 minutes
Visiting Nishi-Izu sidewalk saki course [hiking course]
It is course of approximately one and a half hours from Toi Koshimoda to Komine around the south end of Toi, Fujimi promenade in Koshimoda

"Koibito Misaki" or "Komine" gets off from Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 70 minutes
It is Amagi Mountains to show in the distance
Mount Amagi (amagisan), Amagi Mountains (amagirenzan)
Amagi Mountains that is roof of Izu Peninsula of Izu Peninsula Mt. ten thousand Saburo (1,406m) and Mt. Manjiro (caldera volcano consisting of side volcanoes such as outer rim of a volcanic crater and Mt. Toogasa, Mount Omuro such as 1,300m broom mountain (1,024m).of the highest peak

〒410-2502 1043-8, Kamishiraiwa, Izu-shi
From bus Ito Station Amagi Tokyu Resort shuttle bus Amagi plateau golf course getting off 55 minutes (adult 500 yen dwarf 250 yen)
P is free than car Tomei Expressway Numazu interchange for National highway No. 136, prefectural road Route 12, 90 minutes via Izu skyline
Hiking guide (pay)
"Mount Amagi volunteer guide"
We walk skin child plain straight forest [hiking course]
Raft ground Nitta bus stop gets off Shuzenji Station for bus 35 minutes  
Course (we commute from raft ground Nitta) of approximately seven hours 20 minutes /17 .4km
Approximately five hours 15 minutes (we commute from eight orders Ikeguchi)
TEL0558-83-2636 (Izu City Tourism Association nakaizu branch office)
Eight orders pond (colored leaves)
Eight orders pond course [hiking course]
Eight orders pond is pond in 1,125m above sea level. It is popular as hiking course! Even child can walk course to enter at forest of wild bird using bus of service in season. (about service day of bus, we need confirmation beforehand.)
TEL0558-85-1056 (Izu City Tourism Association Amagi Branch)
Course of about 4km/ approximately one hour 40 minutes
Forest - eight orders pond - eight sheets Ikeguchi of the second-floor waterfall - eight orders pond entrance - wild bird
We use bus for exclusive use of "eight orders Ikeguchi going" after "the second-floor waterfall" getting off from Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 45 minutes
Amagi hot water way
Do hot water way and over heap of bears 33 Kannon; village of Banba
Promenade (approximately two hours 35 minutes) which destined encounter waits for
"Yugashima Onsen Exit" gets off from Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 25 minutes
1, Amagi big Taro cedar
The Taro cedar sidewalk [hiking course]
Enjoy scenery of Namezawa Valley; hiking courses from Yasushi Inoue literature monument to the Mount Amagi's greatest Taro cedar.
TEL0558-85-1056 (Izu City Tourism Association Amagi Branch)
Forest (round-trip approximately 3.0km) hohodoyaku 30 minutes of Yasushi Inoue literature monument - Taro cedar - Showa
"Namezawa Valley" gets off from Shuzenji Station for Tokai bus 40 minutes
Mount Amagi
Amagi mountain traversing course
We travel across beech, himeshara, Mt. roof Manjiro of Amagi Mountains where rhododendron blooms, Mt. ten thousand Saburo. Course that walks roof of Izu growing thick of virgin forest.
Round-trip 17.0km approximately six hours 55 minutes
One peak of nekoetsukasanrenho rising in the northwestern part of Izu Peninsula.

TEL0558-72-2501 (Izu City Tourism Association Shuzenji Branch)
It is 3.8 kilos promenade to the bus "Darumayama rest house" for Shuzenji Station - Toda getting off - mountaintop.
By Shuzenji Station - car from "Darumayama rest house" - Nishi-Izu skyline - mountaintop neighborhood a 10-minute walk
Shuzenji maple forest
Maple forest (Shuzenji)
In full bloom from the middle of November to the beginning of December
Shuzenji, Izu-shi 
From TEL0558-72-2501 (Izu City Tourism Association Shuzenji Branch) fee for entering kindergarten for free P for free (paid during event period) Shuzenji Station the bus 15 minutes Niji-no-Sato, Toda area
Tokai bus "in front of maple forest" getting off     

It rotates and walks