Means of transportation

[we go by route bus] "A little bit sightseeing from Shuzenji Station" & "Shuzenji Station - Amagi - Kawazu Station" [SHINTO Sea bus]
Shuzenji Station bus platform change [October 16, 2015 ...]
[Shuzenji Station] About change of bus platform and revision of diagram news [from Friday, October 16, 2015]
Shuzenji, Izunagaoka district bus stop map
Guidance of express bus "Izunagaoka, Shuzenji Onsen liner" bus stop new establishment only from metropolitan area to Izu Peninsula
If use Shuzenji Onsen ⇔ Shinjuku high speed carryall "Izunagaoka, Shuzenji Onsen liner"; is 160 minutes without transfer!
Gulf of Suruga ferry wrapped by "mega mouse"
[Gulf of Suruga ferry] Summer naughtiness masterpiece war! The child embarkation is free!
We reported on summer campaign of Gulf of Suruga ferry.
The summer of 2014 by car ferry to Izu!
[Izu dream pass] Izu Peninsula tour free pass of ferry bus, train is absolutely advantageous!
Izu dream pass is free pass ticket which can make a round trip of Izu Peninsula with one piece of free ticket. As for the vehicle which is available by this ticket, "Hakone, Izu bus" and movement of Izu Peninsula are OK in one piece of this "Izu Kyuko Line" "Tokai bus" "Gulf of Suruga ferry" "Hakone, Izu rail line".

※Expiration date changes with available means of transportation by course you like.

It rotates and walks