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We ask customer visited in Izu City [new coronavirus infection measures]
When it is visited Izu City, I would like cooperation for prevention of new coronavirus infection.
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Mount Fuji from Amagi green garden observation deck
How is cherry blossom viewing in net? (Izu-shi, Shizuoka)
In now when you cannot go for going out self-restraint, please enjoy cherry blossom viewing in net. It is image of flower of Izu-shi, Shizuoka.
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Wasabi bowl of Mt. Dharma rest house
Eat this if you come for Izu City! Delicious thing special feature
We introduce delicious thing to "eat this if we come for Izu City!", delicious shop with random order
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There is no image.
[the Izu city] About event cancellation, postponement due to new coronavirus, business self-restraint (the point of 7/30)
We place as far as we were able to obtain information such as events that became cancellation or postponement, the business situation of main tourist facility in the city. In addition, we thought about "keeping civic life" to having top priority in Izu City in Izu City and called for self-restraint of business to people of accommodation supplier, restaurant business.
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Mampuku-ji Temple (January 17)
Sakura Doi flowering situation 2020 [Thursday, January 30 update]
Petal is big and the whole is red and, with early-blooming cherry blossoms that "Sakura Doi" (toizakura) blooms only in Nishi-Izu, Toi (she unties) meeting full bloom in January, is dyed, and stem touches flower of 6-7 to Kazue for a long time. Kind registration is done two kinds of rich pink rouge class and white class tinged with light pink.
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Cycle rack hangs saddle and uses
Shop, facility of bicycle pit with cycle rack in Izu City
We gathered up established store, facility of cycle rack (bicycle parking facilities for sports bicycle) in Izu City. We publish having rental of tool or not for cycle pump, bicycle.
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Let's run the whole course of Izu, Numazu using cycling application "tool do"! [2020 from Saturday, September 19 to Sunday, December 20]
Using "tool do" clogged up with function necessary for cycling application, do you not run the whole course of Izu Peninsula in spite of being pleasure? Application "tool do" can confirm line in course MAP and can check in at "local spot" on the way and can take souvenir picture with original photoframe and can get completion proof to get completion privilege after the goal. If run the whole distance, 1 course is authorized as Izu, Numazu finisher, orijina, ...
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[chipped ice] Special chipped ice & Shuzenji Onsen, Izu shieibuaisu (2020 summer limitation) of Amagi, small door bridge confectionery
Shop 2020 of chipped ice in Izu City
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Scene of PR picture
Announcement of Tokyo 2020 meeting bicycle race Izu held PR picture completion
We produced Tokyo 2020 meeting bicycle race Izu holding PR picture for the purpose of enlivening Izu City holding of Tokyo 2020 meeting bicycle race (truck race/mountain bike) with more citizens in Izu City.
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[cycle ball] Using application Izu Peninsula one round cycling "Izu ichi!" Shall we participate in this?
From August, 2020 through March, 2021, campaign "trip to one lap of cycle ball - Japan 7 large conquest -" which cycling makes one lap of course of various parts of Japan using cycling course joint ownership application "tool do" for a limited time is performed.
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There is no image.
[Japan Tourism Agency] We establish call center about Go To travel business
Japan Tourism Agency establishes call center about Go To travel business. Contact information Go To travel secretariat [general user] 03-3548-0520 [company] 03-3548-0525
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kitchinebisenibento August 23
kitchinebisen (the Diet building of hot water)
One-day restaurant of spa facility "Diet building of hot water" renewed as "kitchinebisen". With fresh ingredients arriving from dishes using local ingredients, Numazu Port, we will provide "delicious Izu".
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The extensive shop
Real pizzeria in front of The Crank (the crank) Shuzenji Station
Green covering outer wall of royal blue and the second-floor window from the Izuhakone Railway Shuzenji Station west exit in a 2-minute walk is mark "pizzeria cafe & bar The Crank" (the crank) 〒 410-2407 550-1, Kashiwakubo, Izu-shi, Shizuoka M Shuzenji the first floor of the building TEL0558-79-3679 https://bria-crank.wixsite.com/crank Lunch 11:30-15:00 (last order 14:30) D, ...
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Yokoze Yahata Shrine (child good luck), strange pair of stone guardian dogs
Yokoze Yahata Shrine is thicker as patron saint of former Shuzenji-mura than ancient times, and son* is done Shinto shrine, and phase (encounter which) is Prince General Kamakura this and the other worlds, Yoriie Minamotono. Form is different from general pair of stone guardian dogs, and pair of stone guardian dogs of Yokoze Yahata Shrine is doing looks like frog and catfish. The location: 〒 410-2416 256, Shuzenji, Izu-shi, Shizuoka parking lot: One (free) It is free to do worship
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Amagi north road is opened! Access of the Yugashima, Amagi area, the Toi area improves [January 26, 2019 ...]
Amagi north road is one of the roads constituting "Izu traversing way" which can access the Izu area from Tomei Expressway Numazu IC/Shintouna Nagaizumi Numazu IC, and it is driveway of about 6.7km to Shuzenji, Izu-shi - Yaguma, Izu-shi (cf. lower figure).
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The shop such as seaside cafe
Cafe HISAGO (cafe gourd)
"Cafe HISAGO" behind MaxValu Shuzenji station square store from Shuzenji Station in a 5-minute walk. Recommended menu of owner loving the open sea and surfing in December, 2018 "surf curry." Curry served in container such as surfboard is available from pork and chicken.
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In parking lot ogre of smile
Theme park ... around Izu Land of Happiness garden - hell and the Land of Happiness
There is "Izu Land of Happiness garden" along the way toward Nishi-Izu, the Toi area at Route 136. What kind of place is it that goes this place after the death?…It is theme park of place, hell and the Land of Happiness that thing called this knows.
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Campground ... in camping Bayard - Baird Brewery Gardens Shuzenji site
It is located between the Kano River and Bayard brewery (beer factory), and hop field and vegetable garden, orchard and grove of raw materials of beer are in site where green to form a line is rich in. It is most suitable as base of outdoor to be able to enjoy in hometown including hiking and cycling, bird watching and fishing and BBQ.
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There is no image.
Izu City presents! Izu City PR picture (four videos)
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